Asphalt Rejuvenation Group Appoints New Vice President Of Communication

Fort Myers, Florida-based Pavement Rejuvenation Technologies Group (PRT-Group) is pleased to announce the appointment of Linda L. Mlacak as the company's new Vice President of Communications.

"We are very excited to welcome Mlacak to our family at PRT-Group and hope to make her feel at home in this new phase of her career," states Rodger Rowles, a founding member of the PRT-Group and representative of the company. According to Rowles, a great deal of effort and forethought went into locating the right individual for this position. As a result, the team looks forward to working with Mlacak on the company’s future projects.

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Rowles continues, "As an educator, teacher and editor, Mlacak has always understood the importance of education. This background fits perfectly into what we were looking for, as she is perfectly capable of introducing clients to our latest cutting-edge technologies. Her most important responsibility will be to communicate, explain and describe the latest pavement preservation and asphalt rejuvenation methods we have developed to contractors, property managers and board members via email, verbal communication and personal meetings. We believe Mlacak will be able to adapt to this position and fulfill her duties, helping us expand our horizons while pursuing our existing goals."

Mlacak has enjoyed a successful career that followed her all the way to PRT-Group, which has high expectations for their future following her arrival at the company. Aside from her career accomplishment, she is also an avid tennis player, coach and family educational mentor. All of these traits make her a perfect fit for the PRT-Group team, which has many other individuals who are similarly remarkable. Based on her personality, a smooth transition is expected, though it will be a few weeks until the results of her inclusion on the team begin to show.

The PRT-Group is a national group of contractors/dealers who use conditioning pavement rejuvenator and equipment for the asphalt maintenance industry. Their primary function is assisting contractors/dealers through education (both online and through job site training). The company possesses an outstanding history in the industry, having been originally established in the early 1990s as a local company. Today, they are a worldwide network of qualified contractors who offer a unique pavement maintenance product that uses the latest technology for the chemical rejuvenation of asphalt pavements.

Rowles says, "Our goal has always been to introduce better technology to the market that provides a new and innovative approach to asphalt maintenance. We have treated over 18 million square yards of pavement with our asphalt rejuvenator, having surpassed all expectations and raising nation-wide standards of quality."

Before the arrival of the PRT-Group, the only product available for pavement maintenance was a water-based sealer — which did not produce impressive results despite doing its intended job, causing the pavement treated with this method to eventually peel and crack. The industry languished in this state until the company swooped in with their revolutionary solution, producing outstanding results that led their customers to decide firmly against returning to the old traditional seal coats. This product is known as the Conditioning Pavement Rejuvenator (CPR), a chemical rejuvenator for asphalt that uses a one-step process. CPR penetrates the pavement and revitalizes the blacktop while providing an attractive, fuel-resistant black finish. The product is guaranteed to not crack, chip or peel like traditional coal/tar asphalt emulsions.

The results achieved with this method were only one of the factors behind the company's success — they also believe in building an excellent working relationship with each of their clients. Rowles has worked tirelessly to keep clients well informed of the benefits of these new products and explain what sets them apart from other options in the asphalt maintenance industry. To this day, the asphalt rejuvenation method has been used on airport runways, by the US Army, by the US Air Force and on many civilian pavements at hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping centers and even HOA associations.

The company's website offers more details on PRT-Group and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Rodger Rowles to follow up on any inquiries as well. Additionally, they may connect with the company through PRT-Group’s official social media pages.


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