As Florida Faces Surging Drug Overdoses The Source Treatment Center Battles Addiction One Patient at a Time

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Florida drug overdose fatalities rose by 17% in 2020. Experts say the mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-increasing presence of Fentanyl in the US drug supply are to blame.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the highest incidence of overdose is occurring in South Florida, with Fort Lauderdale experiencing 642 deaths from drug-related causes, the highest number of fatalities in the state. West Palm Beach suffered the second-highest overdose rate. As many as 634 people died in the area from drug overdoses. St. Petersburg experienced the third-highest rate of drug-related overdose deaths with 591 people losing their lives to overdose.

The Source Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale

The opioid crisis is having a tremendous impact on communities across the US, and according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Fentanyl continues to be the leading cause of drug-related deaths in the state. This potent drug was found in all the bodies of the deceased, usually in combination with other substances, suggesting accidental overdose on Fentanyl-laced drugs.

As one of the cheapest drugs to produce, Fentanyl is around 50 times more potent than heroin and is often used as a “filler” by dealers looking to increase their profits. Counterfeit prescription pills laced with Fentanyl have been on the rise, with reports from the DEA stating that as many as 2 in 5 fake pills contained enough Fentanyl to kill an unsuspecting user. Additional Fentanyl in the drug supply and the mental health crisis associated with the pandemic have combined to create today’s overdose crisis.

The best way to avoid a fatal overdose is to seek out an addiction treatment program that will address the underlying causes of substance abuse. This is especially true for people who are using opioid drugs, those with a history of relapsing, or anyone who feels they cannot stop using drugs or alcohol on their own. The Source – a leading behavioral health center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – provides this type of rehabilitation program, helping clients sustain recovery and prevent overdose.

The Source is a rehab center with a family atmosphere, founded to be trauma-informed and trauma-focused. The facility operates with the sole purpose of helping everyone who needs it in a nonjudgmental, inspiring atmosphere. Programs include treatment of mental health disorders alongside cognitive-behavioral, family, one-on-one, and group therapy. Neurofeedback and brain mapping, traumatic incident reduction (TIR), rapid resolution treatment (RRT), and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) help heal unresolved trauma that is often the underlying driver of substance abuse. This whole-patient approach to treatment helps clients improve their quality of life and avoid slipping back into old patterns of behavior that can lead to relapse.

The tragedy of overdose deaths can be prevented with proper care and support given to those who need it most. The Source staff is available to answer calls at any time, day or night. They promise to either provide or find help for anyone who reaches out to them. Anyone experiencing substance use issues is encouraged to reach out so that the underlying trauma, emotional pain, and behavioral patterns can be addressed, and relapse prevention strategies can be learned. To contact The Source directly, call (800) 204-0418 or visit to learn more.


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