Arvada Plumber Company Announces Winner of 2021 Science Scholarship

Flatirons Plumbing, a plumbing services company serving Arvada, CO, and neighboring areas, has recently announced the winner of its 2021 Science Scholarship contest. Abigail Raymer, the winner of the 2021 Science Scholarship and received $500, explained the importance of water filtration because of the risk of contaminated water from US community water systems. She points out in her winning article that drinking contaminated water has resulted in diarrhea, skin problems, vomiting, sinus problems, poor taste, respiratory problems, and even gastroenteritis and cancer.

According to the article by Abigail, a major contributor to the problem of contaminated drinking water is the aging infrastructure of city water pipes. These aging galvanized pipes have been found to release lead into the water, which means there is a high risk of lead poisoning, especially in children who may suffer from various issues, such as anemia, slowed growth, behavioral / learning problems, and lower IQ. Pregnant women exposed to lead poisoning have been associated with premature births and reduced baby growth. In adults, lead poisoning can result in impaired kidney function, cardiovascular issues, and reproductive problems. The EPA has pointed out that using a water filter can actually help people save thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Flatirons Plumbing, an Arvada Plumber Company

Abigail says in her article, "So far to date it seems not enough attention has been paid to the research and understanding of the ill effects of contaminated water that is widespread across the nation. The Safe Drinking Water Act passed in 1974 allows EPA to monitor and regulate drinking water quality, however the efficiency in the EPA’s ability to do so is apparent. Underreporting of water systems is exemplified by the lack of water violations issued in a given year range from only about 3-10% of all community water systems spread throughout the United States. Community water systems that violate health standards provide water access to around 21 million Americans according to a study conducted in 2015 shortly after the Flint Michigan crisis. It is estimated by the EPA that at least 10% of public water supply violates health code."

In a five-month study conducted in a city in Ghana to determine the effects of water filtration, the group who drank filtered water experienced a 62 percent reduction in the rate of diarrhea complication while the control group had no change in diarrhea incident rate. Abigail also wants to point out that water filtration is not just a healthy alternative but it is also environmentally friendly when compared to drinking bottled water. The problem with bottled water is that a single use plastic bottle can take more than 300 years to degrade, and while doing so, it is causing toxins to be released into the soil. In the United States, people buy more than 50 million bottles each year and only 23 percent of that is recycled. And even recycling plastic can have a negative impact on the environment because the process requires petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource. A shift to water filtration and the use of reusable water bottles can save about 156 plastic bottles for each person, which can have significant positive effects on the environment, aside from better public health.

Flatirons Plumbing serves as the go-to local plumber for residents of Arvada and surrounding areas. Their team of plumbers have in-depth experience when it comes to providing plumbing services to the city for many years. This experience has enabled them to truly comprehend the nature of commercial and residential construction used for homes and buildings built in the early 1900s to as recent as the big flood that was experienced in 2013. Colorado University in Arvada has over 30,000 students and housing house rentals are a major component of housing in Arvada. Thus, they have been responding to the needs of landlords who need plumbing and water heater issues to be remedied.

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