ArtResin Epoxy Resin Formulated Especially for Art

Creatives looking for a high quality, non-toxic two part epoxy resin will be excited to learn about the epoxy resin sold by ArtResin, creators of an innovative new epoxy resin that solves many of the problems the founders had with other epoxy resins. The company recently posted a video explaining the benefits of ArtResin’s epoxy resin, and offering instructions on how to use their resin to protect a large piece of art.

ArtResin’s epoxy resin offers clear, glossy and strong results when used as directed, which makes it a great product for coating finished art projects, or even as a base material for an art project. ArtResin also sells mold making material, colorants, and various resin related accessories, including torches and molds, so any artist can be prepared to use resin in their projects successfully. ArtResin uses museum conservation-grade materials to ensure their resin remains clear for decades and to protect against the yellowing that can naturally occur in epoxy. Their advanced epoxy technology uses an additive called HALS, or hindered amine light stabilizer, to interrupt the natural yellowing process of epoxy before it can even begin. The result is an epoxy resin that is water clear in the bottle and stays clear for the long-term after curing. The glossy finish can add a significant layer of depth to any artwork, as well as protecting art pieces from damage. The recent YouTube video from the company explains exactly how to do this.

Epoxy Resin

ArtResin’s Epoxy Resin is incredibly easy to use, even for beginners to epoxy resin. Epoxy resin comes in two parts, the resin and the hardener. The two parts remain liquid as long as they’re separate, and begin to harden after mixing. To use ArtResin Epoxy Resin, equal portions of the resin and hardener must be mixed together. The combination should be stirred for three minutes before being poured over the top of the project and spread into an even layer. ArtResin is self-leveling, so artists never have to worry about a perfect spread. Once the resin is in place, it needs to be left alone to dry for 24 hours to ensure a strong, hard surface.

The resin is also formulated specifically for use in art, which is why the formulation has such a focus on protection against yellowing. The formula is also non-toxic, an safe for home use when used in a well-ventilated area. The resin contains no volatile organic compounds that produce fumes and could cause adverse health effects, and is free from BPA plastics. Epoxy resins tend to produce strong fumes, which is one of the problems the founders of ArtResin set out to solve when designing their product. The epoxy resin is even food safe once cured, so it can be used for projects that may come in contact with food without fear of harm. The product has been highly reviewed, with many customers leaving photos of the incredible art they made, enhanced, and protected with it.

Anyone looking for inspiration for some of the many things that can be done with art resin may enjoy looking through the gallery on ArtResin’s website, which features photographs of customer’s art pieces made with ArtResin, and spanning a wide range of styles. The gallery has images of coasters, jewelry, and much more. ArtResin’s website also has tutorial videos and guides, and readers who want to learn more can visit the company’s Facebook page for all the latest updates about ArtResin and their products. The company frequently hosts giveaways of their products, such as to selected artists who tag them on Instagram, and then feature the winning artists’ work on their website and social media.

Artists love ArtResin because it’s formulated specifically for artistic use, with museum preservation grade protection against yellowing, and clear, strong, glossy results that can enhance any artwork. With an easy to use process and non-toxic formula, ArtResin is sure to become a favorite in any artist’s process. Beginners to resin can start with a small amount of ArtResin, but may soon find they want to purchase large quantities of resin epoxy to use ample amounts of it for large projects.


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