Arrowhead Clinic in Garden City Explains Factors Impacting Time for Auto Accident Settlements

Arrowhead Clinic in Garden City, GA, recently published a blog post that details the factors that impact the amount of time for an auto accident settlement. The blog post can be read here: Dr. Ana Knolla, a Garden City chiropractor with years of experience in the industry, explains that an auto accident can be an extremely frustrating incident, which brings its share of economic and emotional pain. “The frustration can be amplified when you need help covering the cost of injuries and damages.”

Garden City car accident chiropractors are compassionate with victims and can refer them to the best personal injury attorneys in the area. The top auto accident doctor says that no two cases are the same as there are many factors that determine the amount of time needed to settle a personal injury case, though most cases settle out of court. A successful personal injury settlement begins with gathering all necessary details about the car accident. This includes every single detail about the accident, says Dr. Knolla, listing “what caused your accident, who is at fault, your injuries, medical costs, lost income, and other expenses related to the crash” as important factors.

After gathering all the details, a personal injury attorney in Garden City must send a well-written and persuasive demand letter with supporting documentation to the at-fault driver's insurance company. The car accident lawyer is aware of the important details to be included in an impactful demand letter. The experienced Garden City chiropractor emphasizes the need to include the amount of demand for damages, which is then reviewed by the insurance provider and responded to accordingly. The insurance company makes the first settlement offer based on its assessment, which is typically significantly lower than the amount requested in the demand letter.

The car accident doctor in Garden City warns that the insurance company is usually unwilling to pay the demanded amount and may try to argue that their client wasn't at-fault for the accident. They may even blame the victim for the accident. “They may also argue that you weren’t hurt or you weren’t as hurt as much as you say you are, your medical care wasn't necessary, or you didn’t have to lose income.” Then the personal injury attorney sends out a response letter with specific reasons why their offer was too low, and their arguments were incorrect, triggering an exchange of communication until a settlement is reached.

Dr. Knolla emphasizes the need for immediate car accident treatment for the victim. “A chiropractor is an excellent doctor to see after an accident” to identify the source of pain, the severity of injuries, and type of custom treatment. An experienced Garden City chiropractor can address bones, tissues, muscles, ligaments, and other facets of whole-body recovery and wellness as their focus is to reduce inflammation, pain, muscular tension, and scarring. Emergency care is recommended for car accident victims with serious wounds or broken bones. “It’s ideal to see a chiropractor as promptly as possible after the accident so your settlement can move forward quickly. You can still benefit from chiropractic care days, weeks, or months after the collision.”

Dr. Knolla asserts that there is a statute of limitations in Georgia on vehicle accidents and settlements, so medical care immediately after a motor vehicle crash is crucial. The top Garden City chiropractor warns that any delay in seeing a doctor after the accident could affect the victim’s quality of life and delay the entire legal process related to a settlement. The chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic in Garden City, GA, specialize in helping car accident victims return to full health and receive the compensation they deserve in their settlement. They work closely with insurance providers and personal injury attorneys to help the victims get every dollar for their pain and suffering due to an auto accident. Any victim injured in a car accident in Garden City should talk to the top chiropractor at Arrowhead Clinic to obtain the compensation they deserve for their injuries. The best car accident doctors are available for a free consultation at 800-961-7246.


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