Arrowhead Clinic in Bluffton Cautions Against Delay in Medical Help After A Car Accident

Arrowhead Clinic in Bluffton, South Carolina, has recently posted a blog post warning victims of car accidents to not delay seeking medical treatment after a car accident. Read the blog post here:

There is a lot to handle after an auto accident, states Dr. Justin Zellweger, adding, “You have to get your car repaired, deal with your insurance company, and most importantly, take care of your health.” Even a minor fender bender may result in injuries that need to be taken care of with chiropractic treatment.

The blog post warns against writing off the “pain after a car accident as something minor that will go away on its own,” as minor pain might turn into major issues. Dr. Zellweger advises seeing a Bluffton Car Accident Chiropractor after an accident to identify the root cause of pain and diagnose any hidden injuries.

Untreated injuries can become worse over a period of time and cause significant problems. Additionally, undocumented injuries can give the insurance provider an opportunity to rule the injuries as unrelated to the accident.

Arrowhead Clinic specializes in the treatment of soft tissue injuries that are common during car accidents. An auto accident chiropractor is experienced in restoring proper alignment to effectively improve movement. Dr. Zellweger undergoes an in-depth physical examination with each patient, along with a detailed review of the patient’s medical history to design a customized treatment plan to relieve pain, restore movement, and accelerate the healing process.

The Bluffton chiropractor explains that a cracking, popping, or snapping sound is normal during chiropractic adjustments, and the patient might feel a little sore afterward. But this is done to improve the condition and restore movement.

Arrowhead Clinic in Bluffton, South Carolina, has earned the reputation as the top chiropractic clinic for auto accident injury victims, which focuses on helping the injured find pain relief through top-class care and facilities. The focus of the top auto accident chiropractors is to return victims to full health through customized treatment plans following an in-depth analysis and diagnosis of injuries.

“We provide auto accident injury victims the care they need so they can get back to enjoying their life.” Anybody injured in a car accident in South Carolina should seek immediate medical treatment even if the injuries seem minor. Arrowhead Clinic focuses on delivering the best patient care for victims of auto accidents and offers free consultations.


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