Arrowhead Clinic in Albany, Ga, Recommends Chiropractic Help After An Accident

Arrowhead Clinic in Albany, Georgia, has recently posted a blog post for car accident victims. The blog post can be read here: The blog post suggests accident victims should see an Albany, Ga chiropractor for a timely diagnosis of injuries. Dr. Antuan Mitchell is one of the best car accident chiropractors in Albany, Georgia. They urge accident victims to seek medical attention for injuries even if they feel fine, adding that sometimes injuries go unnoticed for a long period of time after the wreck.

Some accidents might result in pain in the neck or back, says the chiropractor, cautioning victims against writing off the pain as something that will go away on its own. An experienced Albany, GA, car accident chiropractor specializes in the diagnosis of hidden injuries that might be responsible for the patient’s pain symptoms. Simultaneously they work on customizing accident injury treatment for victims that can help alleviate inflammation and related pain. In a previous press release, Arrowhead Clinic in Albany, Ga explains how long accident settlements take.

The Albany, Ga accident doctor suggests seeking chiropractic help immediately, even if the victim does not feel any serious injury. The job of a chiropractor begins thereafter. The first step in accident injury treatment is to diagnose the root cause of pain. Sometimes injuries remain hidden for weeks or months, says the chiropractor, adding that ligaments, muscles, and tendons that experienced the effects of the accident might show the results of the body’s self-healing. This is when the victim might start to experience pain, states Dr. Mitchell, adding, “Your chiropractor can diagnose the source of your pain and see if it would benefit from chiropractic care.”

The best Albany car accident chiropractor will start with a diagnosis of injuries, review medical history, perform a physical exam, and then design a customized treatment plan. According to the top car accident doctor in Albany, whiplash injuries are common consequences of a car wreck and might result in tears in the neck. Experienced chiropractors are aware of the need to use spinal adjustments to manipulate the spine. Spinal manipulations help release important anti-inflammatory substances in the body to relieve pain in the back and head.

Dr. Mitchell emphasizes the importance of chiropractic care as a non-invasive, drug-free treatment option to relieve pain without any risk of side effects. It works to alleviate pain right from the source of injury. The best chiropractors in Albany, GA, leverage the power of a personalized treatment plan to provide pain relief. Arrowhead Clinic has been treating victims of car accidents for more than 40 years and offers personal injury attorney referrals. Arrowhead Clinic in Albany boasts a team of top chiropractors who are skilled and experienced in chiropractic care. They’re available now for a free consultation at 800-961-7246.


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