Arrowhead Clinic in Albany, Ga Explains How To Handle A Minor Car Accident

Arrowhead Clinic in Albany is the top car accident chiropractic clinic. Dr. Antjuan Mitchell, the leading Albany chiropractor, warns victims not to underestimate a minor car accident and seek immediate medical attention even if they “feel fine.” “But just because you don't feel injured doesn't mean you weren't. Just because your accident was minor doesn't mean you should treat it that way.”

An experienced Albany, GA, car accident chiropractor is the best person to see after an accident, even if it seems insignificant. “The sooner you get checked out, the better,” asserts Dr. Mitchell, adding there is nothing to lose by getting examined by an auto accident chiropractor. They elaborate more on that in the blog post here:

The top chiropractor in Albany believes that early medical examination relieves victims of car accidents of the stress that there is nothing to worry about. Dr. Mitchell adds that it also helps in the early diagnosis of a hidden injury, ensuring it does not turn chronic. Additionally, medical documentation can come in handy at the time of filing a personal injury claim against the negligent driver and help strengthen the victim’s claim.

Any victim that does not seek medical care immediately after the accident may lose their right to claim from the insurance company, which might assume that they were not actually injured. The Albany car accident doctor warns that injuries can continue to worsen until treated, advising that immediate medical attention does not have a substitute. In a previous press release, the Albany car accident chiropractor explains types of injuries in a rear-end collision.

Dr. Mitchell stresses the importance of documentation of injuries to strengthen a personal injury claim against the negligent party responsible for the car accident. “Personal injury claims can be a very complicated legal issue because the insurance company will do what they can to discredit your claim. They'll try to diminish the severity of your injury, and you'll make it easier on them if you don't immediately seek medical attention.”

The Albany car accident chiropractor explains that an insurance company will evaluate the victim’s claim to find the amount of time they took to seek medical care after the car wreck. An insurer, adds Dr. Mitchell, is always unwilling to pay car accident victims, especially if they choose to wait to receive medical care. The auto accident doctor asserts that insurance providers might try to prove that the claimant is faking or exaggerating their injuries. This is where the medical records should come in handy, and a personal injury lawyer in Albany is the right person to deal with auto insurance companies.

Any victim of an Albany car accident should contact Arrowhead Clinic's chiropractors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of auto accident injuries. The professional team of Albany, GA, chiropractors will work with insurance companies to ensure that the victim receives compensation for medical treatment. Underestimating accident injuries after a minor accident is a mistake that victims should avoid making. Anybody looking for the best car accident chiropractor should schedule a free consultation with Arrowhead Clinic in Albany, Georgia, today.


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