Arrowhead Clinic Explains Delayed Car Accident Symptoms

Arrowhead Clinic, which has chiropractic clinics in Georgia and South Carolina, recently posted a blog post explaining how long it can take for symptoms to appear after a car accident. The blog post can be read here: Dr. Summer Turner, one of the best chiropractors in the Atlanta area, explains the common types of symptoms after a car wreck, warning victims not to take things lightly. The top chiropractor in Atlanta says that some symptoms can take longer to appear and may lay dormant for a while. “There are even situations where a life-threatening injury can worsen for weeks before a victim realizes they were injured in an accident.”

This includes injuries to internal organs and whiplash, says Dr. Turner, adding, “It's very unpredictable when pain after a car accident may finally show up.” Emphasizing the importance of seeing a car accident chiropractor immediately after an accident, Dr. Turner explains the difference between delayed and common symptoms. According to the chiropractor in Atlanta, delayed symptoms vary depending on the injury sustained and the circumstances of the accident. Some people experience injury symptoms immediately, while others develop signs after hours or days. In a previous press release, Arrowhead Clinic gives valid reasons to choose chiropractic care after an auto accident.

The car accident chiropractor explains that doctors rely on research and case studies due to the unpredictability of symptoms to determine how long injury symptoms will take to appear. Car accident victims should also not settle too early or sign a release if their injuries were due to another driver's negligence. “Once you sign the release, you waive your legal right to pursue further compensation if injuries do show up or if they turn out to be worse than first expected.” Dr. Turner advises victims to speak with the best Atlanta personal injury attorney immediately after an accident and before signing any documents from the opposite party or their insurance. Some car accident victims can accidentally sign away their rights without consulting with a lawyer about the best course of action.

The blog post lists some delayed injury symptoms, including headache, neck and head injury, concussion, traumatic brain injuries, and blood clots. Dr. Turner explains the need to see a car accident doctor to ensure that there are no severe injuries. One of the most common signs of whiplash after an auto accident is pain in the neck and shoulders. The Atlanta car accident chiropractor says it could be a sign of other soft tissue injuries in the neck. A chiropractor is the best person to see if the victim experiences pain in the neck or shoulders.

Another common but hidden injury sign is back pain, states the blog post, which might show up days after an auto accident. It points toward a soft tissue injury, a herniated disc, whiplash, spinal injury, and strains and sprains. These conditions might have devastating consequences for the victim, resulting in crippling pain and reduced mobility. Dr. Turner advises seeking medical attention right away to get the best medical care, warning that delayed accident symptoms might take days to present themselves. “But you shouldn't wait for days or weeks to receive medical treatment.” The chiropractor in Atlanta, Georgia, emphasizes the need for immediate medical attention “when your health and well-being are on the line.”

A skilled car accident chiropractor understands car accident injuries and is experienced in pain management. They can review the victim’s medical history and perform a complete physical exam to diagnose any accident injuries. Arrowhead Clinic has earned a reputation for its excellence in accident injury treatment in Georgia and South Carolina. The chiropractic clinic has been treating car accident injuries and musculoskeletal injuries for over 40 years.

A car accident victim must seek immediate medical help to rule out injuries. Arrowhead Clinic's chiropractors are available now for a free consultation. Victims or their family members can schedule a free consultation with the best chiropractors in the area at 800-961-7246.


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