Arlington Moving Company BoxStar Movers is now Offering Residential and Commercial Moving Services in VA

BoxStar Movers is offering commercial and residential moving services in Arlington, Virginia. The company offers services such as residential moving, apartment/condo moving, long-distance moving, commercial moving, packing services, moving labor, white-glove services, piano moving, storage services, and antique handling.

Moving homes or a business is a once in a blue moon event that most people are not prepared for. Once people have settled down in a particular place for a considerable amount of time, it can be intimidating to uproot their entire lives to start afresh in a new location. Given the scary prospect of readjusting to life in a different city or town, it should come as no surprise that most don’t look at the task of packing up all of their belongings, loading it in a trailer, and driving across the country, with anticipation. In such a situation, there is a need for a moving service that has the experience to take over the logistics of the move so that the homeowners can focus their attention on starting life over with fresh aplomb.

Arlington Moving Company

Arlington moving company BoxStar Movers has the skills and expertise required to execute any moving challenge with confidence. The company helps the customer take an inventory of all the items they would like to move to the destination. The company then carefully loads all of the items on its secured trucks that are manned by exceptionally professional drivers that stick to the schedule. The company pays special attention to items of a fragile nature that need to be given extra care. While the trucks are moving between cities and over state lines, the company’s knowledgeable and friendly office staff answer all of the questions that the customer might need.

The company is locally owned and the company’s personnel are trained to handle any possible contingencies that might derail the smooth move. The company follows a strict protocol while moving the furniture and items in the customer’s home or place of business. Floor runners are deployed to prevent the moving of heavy items from scratching and scraping the floor. The items to be moved are padded and covered at all times to prevent damage.

The movers themselves use the latest, most secure gear that allows them to easily move items smoothly, with complete control. There is no risk of damage from dents or bumps as the movers use the right tools for the job for every single item to be moved, no matter how big or small it is. The company’s personnel carry their own supplies such as tools, hand-trucks, and dollies all of which are inspected for reliability and quality on a regular basis.

The company’s services are all licensed and insured. In case there is any damage, there will be no need to point fingers and deflect blame as the insurance company will take care of the customer’s needs. The company also believes in completely honest and upfront prices so that the customer is not hit by any last-minute surprises in the bill. BoxStar Movers also reassembles all the furniture that it has taken apart so that the homeowners or business owners can resume their normal life as fast as possible after moving into the new location.

A spokesperson for the company talks about its services by saying, “We offer industry-leading moving services at affordable prices. Whether you are moving within the city or packing up and starting a new life all the way across the country, we have everything you need to make the major change in your life go as smoothly as possible. All you have to make sure of is to get all the essential items such as paperwork, medications, valuables, and toiletries packed in your personal luggage while we handle the rest of the items in your home. When you move with us, the process is as easy as leaving your old property and walking into your new location as if it had been waiting for you all this time. We really make it that simple and seamless.”


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