Arkansas Dermatologist Offers New Treatment for Plantar Warts

Premier Dermatology, with offices in Bentonville, Bella Vista, and Fayetteville, AR, is proud to announce their new Saorsa Swift wart removal system for plantar warts. Dr. Missy Clifton, a dermatologist, uses the advanced microwave therapy device to get rid of plantar warts. This particular device can be used to direct microwaves to the warts or skin lesions, especially plantar warts that are located on the heels and other areas of the feet that bear weight. Plantar warts, just like any other wart, is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). This kind of wart is particularly painful and patients would be very happy to have it removed. More info about Premier Dermatology can be gleaned from their Facebook page at

The cutting edge Swift wart removal system uses microwave energy to increase the temperature of the infected tissue in order to cause the body’s immune system to attack the wart and get rid of it. Patients will feel some pain or discomfort during the treatment process but this only occurs while the microwave energy is being directed at the infected tissue and will decrease quickly after the microwaves have stopped. This pain or discomfort is a result of the rapid increase in the tissue temperature and this lasts for about two seconds. After the procedure is completed there is very little pain and all patients have noted that they were able to return to their usual daily activities right after a treatment session.

Three to four sessions with the Swift System will need to be provided for the treatment to be effective. Sessions will be four weeks apart to align with the body’s natural immune cycle. Each treatment session will only last for 5 to 10 minutes and there will be limited debridement, no bandages will be required, and there will be no breaking of the skin. The pain and discomfort that may accompany the process will vary from patient to patient, and depends on the lesion and the patient. The pain and discomfort is a result of the infected tissue temperatures rapidly increasing during the two second release of energy. The pain immediately declines after the energy delivery is halted. More about Premier Dermatology can also be gleaned from their Twitter page at

Those who think they have a plantar wart and want it removed should consult with their physician, or a dermatologist, because if treatment is delayed, the longer the wart will persist. Some of the common symptoms to check include the: feeling of “painful pebbles” in the shoes; presence of pain when compressing the sides of the wart; presence of a circular flat spot on the skin with a depressed area in the middle; yellowed appearance with a crust and the presence of small black dots; and the like.

Dr. Missy Clifton had founded Premier Dermatology in Bentonvile in 2004 and the practice has grown from a staff of five to almost 100, including Dr. Kattie Allen, who is a partner and a board certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon, Dr. Blake Williams, who is a partner and board certified dermatologist, four more dermatologists, a nurse practitioner, four physician assistants, nurse injectors, clinical aestheticians, and laser technicians. Dr. Missy Clifton. graduated summa cum laude from the University of Central Arkansas in 1995. She then attended the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, where she graduated first in her class in 1999. She completed a one-year Internship in Internal Medicine at UAMS, before completing a 3-year residency in dermatology. She offers medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments. Furthermore, she has received advanced training in lasers, injectable treatments, chemical peels and dermal fillers.

Dr. Missy Clifton says, “Our mission is to build and support a highly skilled team to provide personalized, innovative, quality medical and aesthetic care. With compassion and integrity, we will focus on improving the health and well-being of the communities we serve.”

Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided at Premier Dermatology can check out their website at, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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