Approved Senior Network Marketing Is Offering Home Care Website Design Services

Approved Senior Network Marketing, a home care marketing agency serving the US and Canada since 2008, recently completed a project for a client, that it says is an exemplary showcase of its home care website design skills and strategies.

The marketing agency created a website for Canaan Home Care, a long-standing home care agency with offices throughout Southern California. The newly designed Canaan Home Care website has a detailed explanation of all of the services that it provides, some salient points that differentiate Canaan Home Care from other competing home care agencies, the agency’s values and its mission to deliver compassionate care, contact information for its many offices around Southern California, a resources section that lists frequently asked questions and the home care agency’s national and regional partners, a news section that contains articles on a number of topics of patient interest, a chat feature that lets clients contact the home care agency from the website itself, and a careers section for potential employees to apply to the home care agency. All of the aforementioned features have been packed into the website while keeping a clean and appealing design that loads fast and is responsive across all types of devices.

Home Care Website Design

A spokesperson for Approved Senior Marketing talks about the experience of working with Canaan Home Care as a client by saying, “Canaan Home Care is a mission-driven organization that strives to provide the best care possible at affordable rates. We admire the values of the organization and we wanted to help their cause to help them grow and succeed in their noble endeavor. The challenge while designing the website was to convey all the critical information such as the list of services offered, contact information, values, and mission statement as efficiently as possible. The home care agency offers a wide range of specialty care services such as 24-hour care, neurological care, memory care, respite care, cancer care, cardiovascular care, hospice care, and post-surgery care, all of which need to be thoroughly explained to patients who land on the website. Patients want to know exactly about what Canaan Home Care can do for them and, as website designers, our job is to provide that information in the quickest and simplest way possible. We used our home care website development expertise at Approved Senior Network to create a website that meets all of these requirements and surpasses them to create a web presence for the home care agency that will yield manifold benefits for years to come.”

The spokesperson then talks about the marketing agency’s website design process by saying, “Approved Senior Network uses WordPress to create all of its clients’ websites because it offers custom themes, flexibility for changing needs, numerous add-ons for specialized functionality, and unprecedented user-friendliness. We have a roster of developers, designers, and content writers, all of whom will work together to handle each and every aspect of the website creation process. The final product will be immaculately constructed, alluringly designed, and chock full of laser-targeted SEO-rich content that will attract the right kind of clients to a home care agency. The results that we achieve are leaps and bounds ahead of what our competitors can manage. A website should really be looked at as an investment as a lot of the people in your target demographic are going to judge your business based on the quality of your website. So make sure it looks professional and presents your business in the best light possible. If you are a home care agency in the US or Canada that wants to overhaul or create a brand new website, contact us today and take your home care agency to the next level.”

Approved Senior Network Marketing’s range of services include professionally designed websites for senior care businesses, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content, full-time technical support teams, mobile-ready responsive designs, fully-tested websites on Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, fully-tested websites on desktop and mobile, websites optimized for speed and fast-load times, 24/7/365 monitoring with better than 99.9% uptime, blog, and content writing, custom monthly newsletters for clients and their families, client referral forms, job board and career pages, recruiting programs, analytics, and social metrics reports, professionally managed social media, reputation management, lead programs, ADA accessibility requirements fulfillment, senior care chat, and more.


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