Apex, NC Tree Service Provider Gives Community A Closer Look At Their Values

Apex, North Carolina based The Tree Guy LLC is reaching out to the community to share their motivations and principles as a company. Throughout their history serving the Apex community, The Tree Guy has enjoyed a distinguished reputation among their customers and the communities they serve. The company is steeped in family tradition and was born from generations of experience and commitment.

Levi Lukonen, founder and spokesperson for The Tree Guy, states, "Our mission as a company is to spread love and understanding for the silent giants that live among us, who help and support us in more ways than most people realize. Even though they sometimes get in the way of our convenience, repaying them with care and attention is the least we can do. We pride ourselves in helping the community learn to care for their trees while offering them the best tree services they could ask for."

Lukonen explains that his interest in the tree service industry dates all the way to his youth. He began working at his father's tree company at 12 years old, where he made some of his fondest memories. He says, "Going out for estimates and running a chainsaw for the first time are the first few memories that spring to mind, though nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing I was doing something of meaningful importance that helped improve the community."

Lukonen shares that, today, his parents still run one of the most highly rated tree companies in the Mid-Michigan area. He asserts that this is what inspired him to start his own tree company upon moving to North Carolina, as the transition into this role felt natural to him. It is at this point that he and his wife Lexi founded The Tree Guy, a company whose main focus was safety, client satisfaction and doing what is healthiest for the tree.

Lexi Lukonen comments that, "Levi used to teach me about blue decay, bug burrows, leaf shapes and patterns of wound healing. He saw history and I saw the art. It did not take long for me to be fascinated by the intricacies of nature. I started to save pieces here and there from being made into mulch or going off to the mill. I would let them dry for months and, in my off-time, start creating reclaimed wood tables. With time, a small hobby turned into a dream and so he did not need to do a lot of convincing to get my support for the new company."

She states that she has since stepped back from working on the crew to take care of her children and create unique pieces of art from wood. She elaborates, "I believe in serving the community and helping others through what I do. Even though I am no longer directly involved in tree servicing, I repurpose the same wood that could do so much destruction to families into something new. I am happy to see that the project we started has grown into something grand, and I hope to continue to see it growing in the years to come."

As a company, The Tree Guy strives to be excellent in their removals and tree care. While they get a lot more business now than they did when they first started, the company has maintained their outstanding commitment towards the community, paying close attention to their client's needs and preferences. This has led them to become one of the most successful providers of tree service in the area. Learn more here: Tree service Apex NC.

The Tree Guy relies upon a team of board-certified arborists to carry out all of their services, through which they guarantee the quality of their work as well as the safety of all parties involved. Their services include removals, tree care and cleanup. These are complemented by free consultations, which any client may request at their convenience.

The company's website offers more details on The Tree Guys LLC and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Levi Lukonen to follow up on any inquiries. Additionally, they may also connect with the local tree specialists through their social media pages.


For more information about The Tree Guy LLC, contact the company here:

The Tree Guy LLC
Lexi and Levi Lukonen
615 Beaver Creek Rd, Apex, NC 27502