Apex Environmental Is Offering Rat Control Services In Leeds

Apex Environmental, a pest control service in Leeds, is offering integrated pest management solutions for pests such as rats, mice, wasps, ants, fleas, woodworms, bedbugs, cockroaches, flies, carpet beetles, moles, squirrels, beetles, pigeons, rabbits, and all others.

According to the company, rats are the most destructive pests known to man. They are also a known source of numerous diseases that can afflict humans and domestic animals. The company says that, according to experts, following the closure of restaurants due to the pandemic, rats are seeking other food sources and finding their way into British homes. The company says that rodents sneak in under doors, through cracks, and even in drains.

The company says that one of the leading authorities on dealing with rodents said around half of the professionals it had polled during the lockdown, had seen an increase in pest activity. One firm, the company says, has seen a 50 percent increase in residential call-outs since social distancing measures were introduced. When the lockdown was first announced some people took to stockpiling food, fearing supermarkets would run out. A leading body recently warned of the dangers of doing so, fearing it could further encourage rats into residential properties.

The company says that rats in particular may be becoming more visible in areas of the population. Due to less footfall across cities and towns, there is less associated food waste being left in bins and on the floor. As a result, rat populations are likely to move further afield to satisfy their need for a food source and this, in turn, is likely to cause more sightings. By nature, rats will also try to avoid humans directly and so, with fewer people walking the streets, they may be getting a little bolder and possibly be seen in areas they normally wouldn’t.

The company says that homeowners can ensure that their homes are not vulnerable by managing their food waste properly and eliminating any considerable harbourage opportunities for the rodents. Those who are fond of gardening should avoid the storage of garden waste in piles around the garden as it can provide a perfect place for rats to live and breed. The company recommends that, in case of a rodent problem, people don’t try to sort it out themselves using their own poison. There is a chance that they might contract something. They recommend calling in an expert to deal with it.

The spokesperson for the company, Tom Johnson, says “Apex Environmental Leeds have developed procedures that can quickly and safely eradicate even the most severe rat infestations in homes, businesses, and gardens. Whether you are a homeowner, a student, renting accommodation, or a business owner, we offer pest control services that suit your needs and deal with your issues. Whatever your pest problem, we have the solution. We offer a price match promise on all pest control services. Our services are recommended by many commercial businesses and homeowners because of our experienced approach, upfront treatment plans, and attention to detail. Our aim is to deal with pests so that your life will carry on as normal. We understand that when pests get in your home or business, it affects everyday life, business profits, and reputation. That's why our mission is to help get your pest issue professionally resolved as quickly as possible.”

Apex Environmental Leeds has over 30 years of experience in pest control. They are fully insured. They operate 7 days a week and accept credit and debit card payments. They are members of the NPTA and trained by the British Pest Control Association, approved to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. They are also fully accredited to SafeContractor, CHAS Premium Plus. They use unmarked vehicles to offer a completely discreet service. In 2019 they were named Company of the Year in the British Pest Management Awards.

Apex Environmental Leeds says that the best way to contact them is to reach out to them via phone at 0113-390-4270. The local office is located at 15 Queen Square, Leeds, LS2 8AJ.


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