AP Precision Metals Is Offering San Diego Businesses US-Made Contract Manufacturing Services

AP Precision Metals, a precision metal fabrication specialist in San Diego, is bringing the innovations and cost-saving benefits of contract manufacturing to the city’s many small- and medium-sized businesses.

Contract manufacturing is considered the way to go for startups and other businesses that are beginning their product manufacturing journey. Creating custom designs made from high-quality materials, which consumers expect from finished products these days, requires the latest in tooling and equipment and an in-depth knowledge of complex manufacturing processes. Apart from the cost of raw materials and hardware, this also includes labor costs and engineering expertise that is not easy to come by. By trusting a reliable and established contractor, such as AP Precision Metals, businesses can create prototypes for their niche products while staying within budget.

Apart from offering a competitive advantage to fledgling companies, established players can also rely on third-party contract manufacturers to cut overhead costs for a significant chunk of their product development workflow. Research can be accelerated and run in parallel so that businesses can consistently create and release high-quality products for their large customer bases. Contract manufacturing companies can also be the saving grace that allows businesses to keep their inventories full and meet the market’s demands when their existing production is bottlenecked. Finally, contract manufacturing partners can also handle quality control for products being manufactured in overseas facilities.

AP Precision Metals has been offering these benefits to San Diego manufacturers and designers since it began operations in 1998. It was founded to provide reliable metal products to the founders’ other venture, a growing robotics company called Arc Products. Today, it offers the same extensive technical capability it has built up over the last three decades to its ever-expanding customer base in San Diego.

The spokesperson for AP Precision Metals talks about the company’s advantages by saying, “We still operate in adherence to our founding principle: to be a stable, long-term, precision metal fabricator for small- and medium-sized businesses in the region. Our strength comes from our employees, most of whom have been with us since the beginning due to our generous profit-sharing model and focus on regular training. They are invested in the company’s success, and, in turn, our customers get to benefit from the passion they bring to the table.”

AP Precision Metals sources its materials and outside services from the highest-standard American and Southern California companies, unlike other competing contract manufacturers in the region who have moved some or all their fabrication operations to Mexico to cut costs and increase margins. Another advantage that the company offers its customers is that it keeps its standard production level below 30% of maximum capacity. This allows AP Precision Metals to accommodate rapid production increases, expedited prototypes, and other special projects.

AP Precision Metals also has a dedicated QC department that guarantees consistent product quality, accurate quantity, and date of delivery. Since many of its customers are ISO 9001 and CE certified companies, AP Precision Metals operates with the ISO Standards necessary for them to meet their requirements. Its in-house control of all production processes guarantees a high-quality product, improves production time, and reduces costs, all while requiring customers to only count on a single reliable vendor for their products.

AP Precision Metals’ current manufacturing services include contract manufacturing, precision metal fabrication, plate cutting, laser cutting, welding, powder coating service, brass cutting, copper cutting, sheet metal contracting and manufacturing, storage, packing, and delivery, and a host of other partner services.

The company’s San Diego contract manufacturing services have received enormous support from its customers. One reviewer shares their experience of working with the company by saying, “Logan AP Precision is amazing. I had a custom enclosure I needed to be designed and fabricated. Logan sat with me through the entire design process and we were able to create a very professional and polished-looking product in just a couple of days. The build quality was excellent, near perfect, actually. I strongly recommend AP Precision.”


For more information about AP Precision Metals Inc., contact the company here:

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