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As one of their services, offers affordable simple SMTP email verification that gets rid of hard bounces. They strive to provide the lowest price for such a service and state that clients can expect a 95 to 97 percent removal of the hard bounces. Their system has the capacity to process 10 million records per day. Other details include: service checks for SMTP email verification only; turnaround time of 1 to 5 million within 24 to 48 hours; the fact that the data is kept private and is erased after verification has been performed; assurance that the data will never be used or resold; and the fact that the data will be divided into three categories. The OK category is more than 95 percent accurate, the Unknown category should be avoided, and the Fail category is hard bounce. also offers VerifyClean™, which is a proprietary process for email list hygiene, email verification, and scoring. Email list hygiene involves removing the inactive or cold email subscribers from future email marketing campaigns and keeping the remaining list warm through appropriate email sending practices. Email list hygiene has to be done regularly to ensure that emails are only sent to people who really want those messages and to avoid one’s email from being marked as spam by uninterested recipients.

Having a clean email list is also essential to make sure that emails are only sent to subscribers who are warm and engaged. A warm subscriber is one who has opted in, has been contacted in the last four months, and is regularly responding to the email messages. A subscriber who is engaged is one who interacts with the emails being sent, specifically by opening and clicking on them. Engagement may also be more specific, for instance, those who are recent opt-ins, buyers or subscribers who have made a purchase during the last 120 days, and those who have opened or clicked within the last 120 days. It should be noted that an email list becomes cold if it has not been contacted for more than 120 days. It is important not to send any email messages to a cold email list. can also help with data appending for a list. For this service, the client has a list with information on addresses and telephone numbers. The company provides and adds the corresponding verified deliverable email addresses for the list. This may also be done in reverse, where the client has a list of email addresses and the corresponding addresses and phone numbers.

The advantage of over other similar service providers is that they have many years of experience and their teams are made up of ethical, honest, and reliable people who are ready to discover what clients really need and honestly inform them if they can be of help.


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