Angleton Texas Plantar Wart Podiatrist Offers Revolutionary Microwave Treatment For Plantar Warts

Angleton, Texas, podiatry clinic Slate Foot & Ankle has announced that it is now offering its patients, who are suffering from painful and intrusive plantar warts, the benefits of the Saorsa Swift Microwave Wart Removal System.

Plantar warts are lesions on the plantar tissue of the foot, that are caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV. HPV is a class of more than 150 viruses with similar DNA sequences which commonly infect humans. The family of viruses is so ubiquitous that almost 40% of the global population is presumably infected with the virus. However, the majority of those who have HPV are asymptomatic. Consequently, in the United States, 2% of the adult population and around 6% of the pediatric population seeks treatment for plantar warts.

The Saorsa Swift Microwave Therapy system uses the power of biologically compatible microwave energy to quickly, painlessly, and cleanly remove plantar warts. It is far more advanced and convenient compared to the traditional treatments for plantar warts such as cryotherapy, the application of salicylic acid, or laser ablation. Saorsa’s plantar warts removal system delivers a precise, highly controlled energy dose to a pre-determined depth into the skin. Since microwave energy can be finely controlled and has been extensively studied, the amount of depth to which it will penetrate the skin can be very accurately determined. This ensures that the microwave radiation does not damage any healthy tissues that are not being targeted. The microwaves, which operate at 8 GHz, are a form of non-ionizing radiation and they only aggravate the water molecules in the affected tissue. They don’t damage the DNA of living things. The concentrated dose of microwaves creates localized heat energy that helps remove the layers of skin that are affected by plantar warts.

The Angleton podiatry clinic’s founder and spokesperson, Dr. Ron. E. Slate, comments on how the revolutionary microwave-based plantar wart removal system will help patients by saying, “Saorsa’s Swift system is a brand-new way of addressing plantar warts which removes all the complaints that people had with outdated treatments. It creates no smoke, needs no anesthetic, and needs no post-procedural dressing. Moreover, the appointment time is drastically reduced from almost 1 hour to just 15 minutes. You will get to enjoy faster treatments as well as a much shorter rehabilitation time if any. Even as medical services providers, we will be able to serve more patients while also offering them competitive pricing for the procedure. We urge you to visit our clinic and experience the conveniences offered by the Saorsa Swift Microwave Plantar Wart Therapy for yourself.”

Slate Foot & Ankle offers several podiatry services such as general podiatry, treatment for plantar fasciitis, regenerative medicine, sports medicine, and diabetic foot care. The clinic has maintained an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 from 15 reviews on its Google My Business page. The doctor also has a perfect 5-star rating and a 98.6% approval rating on Demand Force from over 300 reviews. Ron E. Slate, Jr. DPM, PLLC, has over 24 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in 1998, West Houston Podiatric Surgical Residency in 2001 and is affiliated with the Memorial Hermann Pealand Hospital, St. Luke's Health Brazosport Hospital and UTMB Angleton.

One of the latest reviews for the Angleton podiatrist says, “Very good visit. Dr. Slate took the time to explain what was going on with my foot. Gave me a plan of treatment. The office staff is very friendly and professional. Definitely, a good appointment.” Another reviewer notes, “Dr. Slate has an amazing bedside manner, he listens and doesn’t just put a bandaid on the problem. I like him because his first treatment isn’t narcotics but more of finding the cause of the problem.”

Southern Texas residents can contact the Angleton, Texas podiatrist at (979) 848-0777 for inquiries and to book appointments. Patients can visit Slate Foot & Ankle in person at 2036 E Mulberry St, Angleton, TX 775 or online at


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