Anchorage Dentist Offers Dental Care For The Whole Family

Healthy Smiles Dental, an Anchorage, Alaska based dental office, would like to reach out to local residents who may be in search of a family dental care provider. The dental office provides a variety of procedures and treatments aimed at treating a wide range of dental issues. With the very best technology and treatments in modern dentistry at their disposal, the team at Healthy Smiles is always ready and able to provide an unsurpassed service to patients of all ages.

“At Healthy Smiles Dental, we recognize that dentistry is an art and a science,” says the practice. “Our goal is to provide our patients with the smiling, healthy confidence they seek at the greatest level of comfort possible. Dr. Terry J. Preece, our lead dentist, has over 35 years of experience providing comprehensive, full-care dentistry. He has dedicated his career to helping his patients achieve excellent oral health and have a beautiful smile that they can confidently share with others. He also works hard to ensure they feel completely relaxed and comfortable while receiving care. He is highly skilled in cosmetic dentistry and smile design as well as complex and comprehensive dentistry and offers three levels of sedation for apprehensive patients.”

Dr. Preece is a highly trusted Anchorage dentist, and many in the area consider him the obvious answer for any and all dental issues. His many years of experience combined with a commitment to continuing his education make him uniquely qualified to handle all types of dental issues. However, even if Dr. Preece and his team are highly qualified, they are not above referring patients to other specialists, should the need arise. This, in addition to ensuring that every patient receives the very best care, makes it possible for Anchorage residents to get the vast majority of their dental care done in one place. The team is fully aware of how difficult it can be for busy adults to find time to visit a dentist and thus strives to work around each and every patient’s schedule.

The Anchorage dental office makes the comfort of each visitor a top priority. They offer many amenities to ensure that one has a pleasant dental experience, such as massaging / heated dental chairs, neck pillows, blankets, movies, highly effective topical anesthetic and much more. Their brand new office offers a serene atmosphere where one can feel totally at ease, which is very important for those who may be nervous.

Healthy Smiles Dental places a great deal of emphasis on affordability and on educating each patient about dental disease and why it happens. It is usually a lot easier to address a problem than it is to fix it, and Healthy Smiles Dental helps every patient improve their dental health in the long run so as to avoid potential issues in the future.

A number of Anchorage residents have left excellent reviews of the office on various platforms. Becky Kotter says in their Google review, “Dr. Preece was exceptionally thorough, good at his work, genuine and kind. I finally feel I have a dentist that I can trust as much as my dad (who was also a dentist)! His staff was equally kind and easy to work with, making me feel welcome. I will be taking my family to Healthy Smiles Dental for future work!”

Another patient, Kyle Smith, says, “Dr. Preece and his staff were super thorough, pleasant and professional. I would recommend this practice to anyone. Once inside the doors, the practice is modern looking and well equipped. Scheduling was easy, the front office staff was polite and I was seen right on time. The dental assistant was a ball of sunshine and knew her job well. Dr. Preece was gentle and thorough and kept the experience positive. Checkout was a breeze. Great experience all around!”

The Healthy Smiles Dental team is always ready and willing to assist with any and all dental issues, and one can be sure to get the best care in Anchorage at this practice. For more information, visit the dental office’s site here:


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