Anchorage Dentist Offers Comfortable Dental Care To The Local Community

Healthy Smiles Dental, based in Anchorage, Alaska, is pleased to offer a wide range of services to their local community, with particular focus on patient comfort. The clinic’s goal is to provide their patients with the smiling, healthy confidence they seek at the greatest level of comfort possible.

The clinic offers services in the areas of cosmetic, comprehensive and sedation dentistry as well as teeth whitening. The professionals at Healthy Smiles believe that dentistry is both an art and a science. Their team focuses on offering excellence in terms of patient care, and one of the reasons for this is Dr. Terry J. Preece.

Dr. Preece is a trusted dentist in Anchorage with over 35 years of experience providing comprehensive, full-care dentistry. He has dedicated his career to helping his patients achieve excellent oral health, have a beautiful smile that makes them feel confident and also to feel completely relaxed and comfortable while receiving care. He is highly skilled in cosmetic dentistry and smile design, complex and comprehensive dentistry and offers three levels of sedation for his apprehensive patients.

Dr. Preece also prioritizes the creation of a comfortable dental environment for his patients. This includes all aspects from his patients' experience while sitting in the waiting room to while they are reclining in the dental chair getting treatments done. Dr. Preece does this because he wants his patients to know they are in for a calm and beneficial experience when they have an appointment with him. The Anchorage dentist hopes that this will result in patients not putting off essential dental work due to the fear of discomfort.

He states, “Let’s face it; based on dental practices from the past, some people would rather watch all of their teeth fall out instead of going to see their dentist. This is a shame because today’s dentists have several different ways to keep their patients calm and minimize discomfort while getting their necessary dental treatments done. I take so much pride in keeping my patients’ discomfort to a minimum during treatment that even children have no fear about coming back and getting more dental work done by me.” Dr. Preece provides patients with many services, which include cosmetic and comprehensive dentistry. These include implants, veneers, teeth whitening, crowns, dentures and root canal therapy.

The dentist also takes this opportunity to point out that most people would be amazed at all the means dental clinics have at their disposal to help keep their patients comfortable while they are getting work done. These means go well beyond the use of effective topical anesthetics and the computerized anesthesia systems that he uses. At his clinic in Anchorage, for instance, Dr. Preece takes pride in the fact that in the treatment rooms the patient has the choice between listening to calming music or watching a movie on the TV. Even the dental chairs are equipped with massage features, comfort-enhancing neck pillows and can be heated.

The clinic also takes into account the patients who have a fear of getting dental work done despite the calm environment, therefore they do offer the latest and best sedation dentistry services. Thanks to Dr. Preece’s privileges at Alaska Regional Hospital, the clinic is able to partner with Northern Lights Dental anesthesia in order to provide sedation dentistry in the clinic in order to ensure maximum patient comfort and satisfaction. Learn more here:

Healthy Smiles Dental makes it a point to provide convenient facilities for their patients, including referral to specialists if needed. The clinic also offers convenient early morning and evening hours for patient appointments. The team understands the needs of busy, successful adults and will strive to work with a patient’s schedule as they value their community’s time. The office is conveniently located, has ample parking and no stairs. It is also handicap accessible. The clinic’s philosophy covers the aspects of excellence, acceptance, respect, honesty and ethical standards. These aspects combined results in the high level of patient care the clinic has established over the years.

This dedication to their community is clearly reflected in the reviews received by the clinic. Ken Marshall states in a 5-Star rated Google review, “Dr. Preece runs a fantastic practice. Being new to AK, it can be difficult to find the healthcare providers that you are happy with. I can say this was the easiest search to find quality, kind and professional dental care. The entire staff has earned my family’s business.”

More information about the services offered by the Healthy Smiles clinic can be found on their website. One may also contact the clinic directly via phone or email.


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