Anchorage Dentist Helps Community Maintain Dental Health During Pandemic

Healthy Smiles Dental, based in Anchorage, AK, is taking steps to remind their community to look after their dental hygiene during the pandemic. While daily routines have changed for many Americans around the country, the practice firmly states that this change of pace should not mean that dental health can be ignored.

“Much has changed for us in the past year,” notes Dr. Terry J. Preece of Healthy Smiles Dental, “and it is expected that life will not return to a pre-pandemic normal for several months at the very least. In fact, some estimates even suggest that we will be well into next year before everything settles down and we can resume every part of our daily lives that we had to drop in order to stay safe. The danger, however, is that this massive shift can also mean we forget to give our health the priority it once had. Healthy Smiles Dental understands this feeling, but we urge you to keep your health in mind.”

He adds, “You may not have to shower early every morning to get ready for work if you now work from home but you still have to keep yourself clean. In the same way, you need to remember that other people catching your bad breath is not the worst that can happen if you neglect to clean your teeth after every meal. You could be making yourself prone to various types of gum and tooth diseases, including gum rot, cavities and more. Simply put, you cannot afford to let your dental hygiene slip.”

Similarly, the Anchorage dentist reminds his community that a visit to the dentist is still recommended every six months. A regular dental checkup can ensure that everything is well and no further intervention is necessary, or it may highlight deficiencies that the dentist can help their patient address at home (brushing more frequently, changing brushes or floss and so on). While an individual may be able to take reasonably good care of their teeth by themselves for an extended period, the only way they can be sure no hidden issues are developing is to visit a professional who can examine their teeth in more detail and offer advice where necessary.

On the other hand, Healthy Smiles Dental is also understanding of the fact that many may have been unable to maintain a regular habit of self-care in the wake of the pandemic and its associated challenges. Fortunately for local communities, the practice is currently open, and their team looks forward to helping their patients get back on track to optimal dental health.

Healthy Smiles Dental recognizes that patient care is a vital part of dentistry, and they encourage their community to make an appointment if they suspect anything wrong with their teeth or are due a checkup. While their ethos has always been to provide a premium standard of care that both reassures patients as well as addresses their dental concerns, this approach has lately been elevated to account for the pandemic. As a result, patients can expect the dental office to demonstrate the highest respect for social distancing and sanitization measures.

A glowing Google review from Stanley Johnson touches on this, stating that they had, “a broken tooth during COVID-19. Dr Preece got me in very quickly, took all precautions to guard my and his and his staff’s safety. He fixed the emergency damage promptly.”

Allison Mackey’s review has high praise for the practice as well. Their review says that the dental team is, “Very friendly, professional and conscientious of patients’ needs and desires. Very hospitable! The office is very well laid out and clean/organized. I felt very comfortable with a doctor and staff with so much experience. Very patient focused.”

Those experiencing a dental emergency are urged to contact the clinic immediately to seek prompt treatment. Patients who wish to follow up on any further inquiries or schedule their next appointment are also welcome to reach out to Healthy Smiles Dental today to get started. They may also visit the practice’s official website for further details. Find the website here:


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