Anaheim Lighthouse Community Manager Tamara Jimenez Appointed as Legislative Chair of Orange County Addiction Professionals

Anaheim, California - Anaheim Lighthouse, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Anaheim, CA is pleased to announce that its Community Manager Tamara Jimenez has been appointed as the Legislative Chair of Orange County Addiction Professionals or OCAP for 2021. Jimenez is also a 2020 Women of Distinction Honoree as a Mental Health Champion.

Tamara Jimenez shared that she is honored to be a part of OCAP and is excited to serve as its Legislative Chair for this year.

“I am very thankful for the support of my Anaheim Lighthouse family in my appointment as OCAP’s Legislative Chair. The Lighthouse has always been committed towards programs that promote the advancement of the recovery industry,” said Jimenez.

OCAP is an organization that is composed of counselors, prevention specialists, and individuals who have a direct interest in the addiction recovery industry. Members are professionals dedicated to the treatment and recovery of individuals and families struggling with alcohol, drugs, and the devastating illness of chemical dependency.

The organization was founded by KC Gooding, the National Director of Business Development for New Method Wellness to promote the advancement of addiction focused professionals by uniting alcoholism and other addiction counselors throughout the Orange County area.

According to Gooding who also serves as the President of OCAP, the group will start hosting a monthly networking event in an effort to create a sense of community between participating addiction professionals and programs.

“We have decided to take on the challenge of doing something that has never been done before. Our efforts will be to continue working in collaboration with other professionals and organizations in the treatment and recovery industry as a unified voice for those we serve,” said Gooding.


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