An Indianapolis Gift Shop is Providing Customizable Gifts for the Holidays

Custom Gifts

Indianapolis – With the holidays quickly approaching, stores are filled with gift shoppers. This can be an exciting, nostalgic task, but it can also be stressful. Everyone has experienced having that one person on their shopping list whose name just will not disappear. This year, Bardach Awards hopes to help remedy this problem by providing a variety of customizable gifts, perfect for almost anyone.

Some of their top gift items are personalized pens. Each of these pens can be personalized with text, and there are several different types to choose from. They offer a burgundy euro pen, a blue marble euro pen, a black euro pen, and more, each one beautiful and chic. Each of these customizable pens costs between $22.00 and $31.00. To up the fanciness, Bardach Awards also offers pen sets that come in a case, some also including a letter opener. These pens and pen sets are perfect for bosses, co-workers, or even some extended family members.

Bardach Awards also offers customizable picture frames, card boxes, jewelry boxes, keyrings, unique paperweights, and bookends. There are also many drinkware options available, such as ice buckets, biscuit barrels, wine decanters, shot glasses, and pitchers, each one customizable. These drinkware options are great for almost any adult, as the selection of different options is versatile, and the engraving possibilities are endless.

As a proud member of the Indianapolis business community, Bardach Awards strives to provide their customers with custom awards, plaques, trophies, corporate gifts, and promotional products they need at the prices they want. Bardach Awards is hopeful that their selection of customizable gifts will relieve some holiday shopping stress this year. To peruse this selection, visit, or for further inquiries, give Bardach Awards a call at (317) 872-7444.


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