Ambience Dental Now Offering More Affordable Dentist Payment Options Than Ever Before

Ambience Dental of Fairy Meadow, NSW, is a general dentistry service that likes to make its treatments affordable to anyone. They do this by offering a wide variety of dental payment plans. This is very important to them because costs should never be the main concern when a patient decides whether or not to get dental work done. A person’s teeth are simply too important to their overall health to take a pass on when important treatments are needed. They are a privately-owned family practice that has been serving the dental needs of those in Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, and other nearby communities since the ‘70s.

Ambience Dental spokesperson, Vivek Reddy, says, “Even when you accept that you need to visit the dentist, sometimes costs can get in the way. That’s perfectly understandable because dental treatments can become a substantial investment. However, you mustn’t let the cost of treatment prevent you from getting the treatments that you so badly need. By letting costs stand in the way of you visiting the dentist, any problems that you have are likely to get worse and end up becoming costlier to fix as more time passes. That’s why we work hard to offer many ways in which our patients can make their dental payments manageable.”

Reddy went on to discuss some of their Dentist payment plans. This all starts with the fact that they readily accept payments from health funds. He mentioned that they also provide gap-free routine dental appointments and are a Bupa Members-First practice. As far as actual payment plans go, this dental practice will help their patients get assistance from such reputable sources as the National Dental Plan. They also will put their patients in contact with Zip Pay and Zip Money, which are great alternatives to the higher interest rates that credit cards charge. They even advise their patients that are experiencing chronic pain because of a dental problem to consider taking advantage of the Early Release Super (ERS) program. This is a program that allows patients to have access to their superannuation on what’s considered to be compassionate grounds and certain dental treatments fall under that. The company spokesperson pledged that they will do everything they can now and, in the future, to make dentistry affordable to many people in Wollongong and the surrounding areas. That way no one will ever have to go without the preventative, restorative, cosmetic, and other dental health services that they desire.

The company spokesperson also talked about what dental services are provided at their general dentistry practice. It was mentioned that the most common of which are teeth cleaning, consultations, and diagnostic services that include such tasks as having x-rays and cat scans of the teeth and jaw taken. He stated that they at Ambience Dental have long been known for placing a heavy emphasis on oral health and hygiene and the prevention of oral diseases. Other treatments that fall under their general dentistry services include fillings and root canal procedures. They also specialise in applying crowns and bridges and fitting their patients with dentures and providing implants. Reddy says that they also are a popular option for those seeking dental bonding treatments such as the application of smile-enhancing veneers. He stated that their clinic also takes pride in offering the most modern forms of dental treatments that can be found in Wollongong. This includes their anxiety-lessening sedation dentistry services and their less invasive and quicker healing All On 4 implants. It’s the compassionate and expert way that they perform their treatments and the wide range of services they offer, that has made this dentist so appealing to those in and around Wollongong.

Those seeking more information about the services that this Wollongong dentist offers can call them, shoot them an email, or fill out the form that’s found on the bottom of their website’s homepage. Ambience Dental also offers flexible scheduling options as they are open Monday – Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.


For more information about Ambience Dental , contact the company here:

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