Ambience Dental Explains the Dental Implant Technique in Wollongong NSW

Ambience Dental, a dental office in Fairy Meadow, NSW, Australia, explains the dental implant method that they use in Wollongong. Dental implants provide a way to replace missing teeth, including the root structure, such that the replacement teeth appear and function very much like natural teeth. The implants are basically titanium screws that are placed or implanted into the jawbone to serve as a replacement for the original tooth root. After they have been placed, the jawbone grows and fuses with the titanium screw, resulting in a strong and durable replacement for the tooth root.

After the titanium screw has been placed in the jawbone, an abutment or internal screw is attached and this is where the crown or replacement artificial tooth is placed. Dental implants offer a better alternative for the replacement of missing teeth, in comparison to the conventional alternative, such as dentures. Since the implants are placed in the jawbone, healthy bone will continue to be produced that will serve to provide strong support for the teeth, thus restoring the patient’s facial aesthetics.

However, there are certain conditions for dental implants to be suitable for a particular individual. Vivek Reddy, Practice Manager at Ambience Dental, explains, “Dental implants are suitable for adults with good general health; however, you will need to have enough jawbone to support them. There are also some health conditions that can affect the success rates of the treatment. The best way to find out if they will be a viable solution is to book in for an implant assessment at our Fairy Meadow clinic with one of our highly-qualified implant dentists.”

The previous descriptions of dental implants are for single-tooth implants. When a full arch of teeth is missing, which means eight or more implants are needed, however, the teeth implants specialists at Ambience Dental will often use the all on 4 implants technique. This advanced technique allows the replacement of a full set of teeth with just 4 implants, even in patients with some bone loss in their jawbone. The titanium screws are positioned and angled in order to avoid those bone deficient areas, which means that the artificial root structure will still be strong and durable. With the all on four method, a full arch of teeth can be supported by simply using four dental implants.

Because the jawbone experiences loss in bone density where there are missing teeth, the conventional implant method will need some preliminary treatments, such as sinus augmentation and bone grafting. This will result in more expenses and a delay in the completion of the treatment. With the all on 4 method, the titanium screws are cleverly angled to avoid those areas that are lacking in bone density, thus providing the needed strength. Rather than have one implant for every few teeth, a full arch of teeth can be supported with just four implants.

There are four primary advantages of all on four dental implants. First, the procedure is simpler because additional treatments are avoided since those areas of the jawbone with insufficient bone density are not used. Second, it is quicker, allowing patients to get their replacement teeth to be fitted on the same day rather than having to wait for months for the implants to be fused with the jawbone. Third, it is available to more patients because it doesn’t require additional work to remedy deficiencies in bone density. And fourth, the method allows for more flexibility in designing and fitting the replacement teeth such that they will look and feel like natural teeth. The result is that, patients fitted with all on four dental implants would be able to speak and eat normally while their jawbone structure is preserved and their facial aesthetics restored.

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