Amazon’s Latest Gadgets Reviewed On Youtube

Cornelia, GA based Gadget Geeks is setting out to bring their insight to the tech world and help customers uncover which gadgets are best suited for their needs and lifestyle. While the company is brand new to the scene, they are enthusiastic about their work, and viewers will find that the team has already been hard at work uploading a series of long and short form content to their channel of the same name.

John Andrew of Gadget Geeks states, “The review world is full of competition and knowledgeable hosts who love their jobs. We knew coming in that it would be an uphill battle to show everyone that we have something new to bring to the table, but we’re also extremely confident that this will quickly become obvious to anyone who checks out our content.” Andrew explains that the channel is currently aiming to fulfil two primary goals. The first of these is to deliver short, concise and consistently edited videos that quickly introduce a viewer to a product and share the channel’s impressions of it. The second is to create much longer videos that explore various new gadgets in depth and showcase their features, emulating an on-demand TV show format.

The objective of this two-pronged strategy is to let viewers choose content they can digest based on the amount of time (or attention) they have to spare at a given moment. Some may be on their way to buy a new bidet, for instance, and hope to find some direction to focus their shopping on because they feel overwhelmed by the number of choices available. In this case, the channel has a new 30-second long video on Clear Rear (a bidet toilet attachment) that can help the customer get started. Alternatively, they might have been looking for practical Christmas gifts and found themselves unsure of what kind of gadget to pick. Gadget Geeks has them covered here as well, with a half-hour long video on the best gadgets to consider in 2021.

Andrew adds that the info section under the channel’s short videos includes quick pointers on the product and what it is best suited for. A link will also be provided that will take the viewer directly to the associated Amazon page if they wish to continue with a purchase.

In ‘Best Gadgets for Christmas Presents in 2021,’ the channel offers a compilation of several items that their viewers may be interested in. This compilation comprises multiple videos from various companies, brought together into one single video that can make Christmas shopping a much less stressful experience once shoppers know what to look for.

The first product in this video is from Generark, an emergency power source that can be recharged from numerous sources, including wall outlets and its built-in solar panels. The presenter from Generark says, “Life is unpredictable. Natural disasters, storms, blackouts — they happen. You need an emergency power source that you and your family can count on. Meet Generark: the reliable, portable backup battery power station of the future. With Generark, you can run your essential devices, including 99 of your home appliances for up to a week. That means power for your fridge, heat, AC, medical devices,” and much more. This includes cell phones, WiFi, laptops, security systems and virtually any other device that needs power to run.”

The advantage of this product, the channel explains, is that it is much more affordable than a home battery backup system, which could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Similarly, it’s lean, efficient design means that it is more suitable for a home than a noisy and gas-hungry generator.

Other products in this video include a reusable silicone straw, a high-tech phone case, a shower head and more. While some may watch this video after Christmas is already behind them, the gadgets included are still worth taking a look at. Gadget Geek invites their community to have a look and leave feedback in the comments or request other products for them to review in the future.


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