Alphabet Letter Worksheets Available At Lesson Plan Source

Online educational resource Lesson Plan Source is proud to inform both teachers and parents around the country that they offer alphabet letter worksheets which are perfect for young minds. The platform provides a vast array of educational materials from Pre-K to Third Grade, and their work has helped many classrooms as well as homes gain access to quick and attractive teaching aids.

According to the company’s product page, “The following alphabet letter worksheets can be used with a variety of students—little ones or English language learners learning the alphabet, diverse learners, and emergent readers. These are large, outlined letters in landscape form. Use these letters as part of your "Letter of the Week" learning. Children can engage in simple fine motor activities to not only strengthen fine motor skills but begin learning how to recognize each letter shape and their sound.” These worksheets are available for every letter, A-Z, and are recommended for Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

Educators who use these alphabet letter worksheets can help the children under their care come to grips with coloring (make an art connection by using primary colors, various shades of one color, or by making patterns), shading, stamping and more. Given that children will have to learn how to use a handheld hole punch to outline each letter, glue objects to a letter and so on, physical activities such as these will contribute to the development of their physical coordination.

Lesson Plan Source states, “Many of the products we offer are intended to help parents and teachers keep the young mind under their care as engaged as possible. To this end, we strive to eliminate as many points of boredom as possible, both for the student as well as the person providing the education in question. At first glance, new customers will see that this means we can provide colorful and engaging worksheets, puzzles and so on that serve to challenge their children in the classroom. However, our products also serve to minimize how much time teachers have to spend behind the scenes single-handedly creating activities for their students to take part in. Similarly, we understand that a great deal of a child’s education happens outside the classroom, at home, and it is our hope that we can help parents in their teaching efforts as well.”

The company’s work may be needed now more than ever at home, in fact, given that present circumstances around the US and the world have caused children to stay at home for an extended period. While teachers can fall back on their training to help them come up with interesting activities to keep their students engaged, Lesson Plan Source understands that most parents previously relied greatly on the fact that their children did the bulk of their learning at school. This means that the vast majority of parents will have suddenly found themselves needing to come up with lesson plans and activities out of the blue.

“While parents having little to no formal teaching experience is part of the problem,” Lesson Plan Source states, “the real issue is timing. Many parents are likely doing their best to find work and provide an income for their families in these uncertain times, and such a schedule tends to leave little room for them to take care of their children’s educational requirements. The situation is exacerbated if both parents are in industries that are currently considered essential services. Since they have to spend so much time away from home, they have only a small window in which to help their child, even if their school is conducting lessons online through Zoom and similar services. Furthermore, lets not forget that these parents deserve some time to relax as well. They would appreciate any help they can get.”

More information is available on Lesson Plan Sources’ official website and other online materials. Parents and teachers who wish to follow up on any further inquiries are welcome to get in touch with the company via their preferred social media platforms. Lesson Plan Source offers educational materials and guides for a variety of subjects, including Art, Math, Music, Technology and many more.


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