Align Health Collective Physiotherapy in Kew, VIC Celebrates 7 Year anniversary

Align Health Collective - Physio Kew is proud to announce its 7th anniversary, a significant milestone for the clinic. With its team of expert physiotherapists and innovative treatment methods, Align Health Collective has become the go-to place for people seeking relief from pain and injury. Align Health Collective has been providing high-quality physiotherapy services to residents of Kew and its surrounding areas for seven years.

“We are thrilled to mark this special occasion and reflect on the past 7 years of helping our patients recover from pain and injury,” says Cameron Siandri, Clinical Director of Align Health Collective - Physio kew. “We have been fortunate to have a wonderful team of physiotherapists who have worked tirelessly to provide the best care possible to our patients.”

At Align Health Collective - Physio kew, the team of physiotherapists is trained to treat a wide range of pathologies, including back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, ankle pain, and foot pain. The physiotherapists use a variety of modalities and assessment tools to diagnose and treat patients in the shortest time possible. The physiotherapists also use a combination of hands-on techniques, rehabilitation exercises, and patient education to help their clients strengthen their bodies and prevent future injuries.

“We believe in providing excellence in diagnosis and treatment,” says Siandri. “We take the time to listen to our patients and understand their history so that we can assess and diagnose their issues quickly and accurately. Our goal is to provide each and every patient with an individualised recovery plan that will get them moving and back to being active with better strength and function.”

In addition to its physiotherapy services, Align Health Collective also offers dry needling, clinical Pilates, and posture improvement services. The practitioners at Align Health Collective are all qualified and credentialed, and the clinic is home to several award-winning clinicians with decades of combined experience.

“We are proud to have a team of expert and award-winning physiotherapists who genuinely care about their patients and their outcomes,” says Siandri. “Every treatment plan we formulate is specifically tailored to each patient’s needs, and we are committed to providing the highest standard of patient care, whether it’s a long-term relationship or a one-off visit.”

As Align Health Collective - Physio Kew celebrates its 7th anniversary, the clinic is looking forward to continuing its tradition of providing top-quality physiotherapy services to the residents of Kew and surrounding areas.

“We are proud of the work we have done over the past 7 years and are excited about the future,” says Siandri. “We are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to improve our services and to better serve our patients, and we look forward to continuing to be a trusted provider of physiotherapy services for years to come.”

Align Health Collective physio in kew is located at Shop 1/56 Cotham Rd, Kew VIC 3101, Australia, and can be reached by phone at (03) 9853 7836 or by email at


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