Alexander Napolin is the Top Personal Injury Attorney in Orange County For Accident Victims

100% plaintiff-side lawyer Alexander Napolin is widely regarded by many to be the top personal injury attorney Orange County has to offer. He never represents the insurance companies, and all his energies are focused on making sure that the regular hard-working people of Southern California who have experienced a debilitating personal injury due to another party’s negligence get the justice that they deserve.

Personal injury law covers injuries that result from the wrongful conduct of a person, entity, or business. When the offending party has displayed negligent behavior, the injured party has the complete right to sue them for injuries and damages. Personal injury law encompasses a wide range of injuries that may be caused by several reasons such as animal attacks, dog bites, car accidents, truck accidents, motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, boat accidents, pedestrian accidents, auto accidents, collisions, head injuries, excessive pain and suffering, traumatic brain injury, wrongful death, nursing home abuse, slips, falls, spinal injuries, train wrecks, severe burns, whiplash, amputations, loss of limbs, botched surgeries, medical malpractice, battery, assault, toxic exposure, products liability claims, and more.

Top Personal Injury Attorney Orange County

OC workers compensation lawyer Alexander Napolin talks more about the nature of personal injury lawsuits in California by saying, “Establishing liability is one of the most basic functions of getting a fair verdict in a personal injury lawsuit. Liability is decided based on the offending party’s intent and their responsibility in the situation. The law looks at intent in many different ways. For example, in criminal cases, there is an explicit intent to harm someone or rob them of their valuables. In personal injury cases, the person responsible for the accident is determined to not have ill intent but to rather have acted carelessly or negligently, failing to deal with the situation appropriately, failing to live up to a standard of conduct, or failing to provide the minimum level of service required and expected of them. In some cases, a person can be held liable for damage that they caused to someone even if they did everything that the situation could demand that a reasonable person do. This is called strict liability. As you can see, there are a lot of intricacies and nuances to the law surrounding personal injury, and getting a favorable verdict in a situation is a matter of proving the liability of the party at fault in front of a court of law. You need an attorney with heaps of experience and a deep understanding of the legal system to make sure you come out of the battle stronger with the restitution that you need and deserve. So when you are looking for the best personal injury or car accident lawyer Orange California has to offer, make sure to give the law office of Alexander Napolin a call. Our experienced and sharp legal team will fight tooth and nail to swing the tide of your legal struggle in your favor.”

A testimonial from a satisfied client highlighted on Alexander Napolin’s website says, “I don't do many reviews, but I must make a statement about the Napolin Law Firm. My stepdaughter recently sustained multiple injuries from a careless and inexperienced motorist. Ultimately, it became a life-changing event. I was surprised and delighted that the Napolin attorneys were immediately attentive to my daughter.”

Mr. Napolin earned his law degree in 2011 from Pepperdine University School of Law. He graduated in 2008 from California State University, Fullerton with a double major in Business Administration and American Studies. Before forming his law firm, Mr. Napolin practiced for two years advocating for injury victims at the largest workers’ compensation and personal injury firm in California. Before becoming an attorney, he worked in the financial sector, first at a small insurance and securities brokerage, and then as a securities regulator with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

The law office of Alexander Napolin in Orange County can be reached at the phone number (714) 451-2006. The office is located at 2230 W. Chapman Ave., # 234, Orange, California, 92868.


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