Alexander Napolin Is Considered By Many To Be The Best Personal Injury Lawyer In Riverside

Work accident victims searching online for “Riverside Work Injury Lawyer Near Me” can turn to the outstanding legal services of Alexander Napolin, a personal injury lawyer with offices in Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and Inland Empire.

Alexander Napolin’s legal expertise spans several case types such as auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, pedestrian accidents, plane accidents, metro rail accidents, train accidents, workers’ compensation law, work accidents and injuries, wrongful death, personal injuries, and catastrophic injuries. The lawyer and his team have more than a decade of experience fighting personal injury cases and winning rewarding settlements for the law firm’s clients.

Best Personal Injury Lawyer Riverside

All of the aforementioned types of cases can be covered by the broad domain of personal injury law which comes into effect if an individual is caused harm through the wrongful or negligent conduct of another. There are several different types of personal injury law including premises liability (eg. slip & fall), negligence (eg. automobile collision), strict liability (eg. dog bites), intentional tort (eg. assault & battery), and many more.

Personal injury cases are fought by private lawyers in civil court and the aim of a civil case is to get monetary damages for the victim’s injuries. This is in contrast to criminal cases which are fought by lawyers who work for the government where the primary purpose of litigation is to seek incarceration against the defendant or offending party. Any case can be fought in both civil and criminal court with both procedures looking at different aspects of the case and trying to assign different liabilities to the defendants.

The monetary damages awarded in a civil case are meant to cover a wide range of injuries faced by the victim, plaintiff, or claimant including emotional, physical, psychological, and financial distress. The financial damages cover the victim’s losses due to medical expenses, long-term health care, loss of employment, loss of earning capacity, lost wages due to recuperation, and damaged or destroyed property.

Alexander Napolin, considered by many to be the best Riverside workers comp lawyer, warns that an insurance company representing the defendant will try its best to paint a picture that shifts the blame of the accident onto the claimant while absolving its clients of their responsibility. This is because insurance companies are structured in a way to fight legitimate claims and reduce the amount that they have to payout. Insurance companies spend a lot of money on legal fees to make sure that the ruling goes in their favor. They will generally resort to pressuring the claimant into accepting a lower settlement by threatening to draw out the legal process.

Alexander Napolin warns readers on his website that he has seen the tricks used by insurance companies over and over again and they, unfortunately, work in most cases because claimants don’t usually want to be involved in protracted legal battles that sap away time and resources. Alexander Napolin expands on the need for seeking experienced legal representation by saying, “Insurance companies are not your friends. If you have been in an auto accident, they will most likely offer you a small sum to fix your automobile in exchange for you not pursuing any further settlements. This is a trap as there is a good chance that you have suffered lasting injuries from the accident. They understand this and want to get themselves off the hook for the medical expenses that they will surely have to pay if the case goes to a court of law. Your best bet is to find an attorney quickly that will guide you from the moment of the accident and take over all communication with the defendant’s insurance company, ensuring that you don’t divulge any details that can be twisted to make you look equally culpable in the accident. This is not our first rodeo as we have seen the depths that the companies will fall to, just to save a buck. If you are ready to take charge of your case, give our law office a call and you will quickly find out why I am considered the best personal injury lawyer Riverside has to offer.”

Alexander Napolin’s Riverside law office can be contacted at the phone number (951)-200-5035.


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