Albuquerque Tree Experts Uses Tree Trimming to Maintain Aesthetic Appeal on a Property Belonging to an Out-of-State Client

Albuquerque, New Mexico – For the last 2 years, Albuquerque Tree Experts has been helping Josh North keep his trees healthy and aesthetically appealing. Josh North, however, has not been in New Mexico for the past 24 months.

“I was transferred to Los Angeles for a project that was supposed to last 6 months,” Josh North told one of our reporters while exploring his landscape after returning home, “Complications, however, arose and I had to stay in LA longer than I had initially planned. Having used Albuquerque Tree Experts several times for different types of tree care procedures in Albuquerque, I was positive that the company would maintain my trees while I was away. I reached out to the CEO and told him to send his Albuquerque tree trimming team to my home every 6 months. The team has done a great job of keeping my landscape looking attractive and healthy.”

The homeowner noted that throughout the period that he was away, Albuquerque Tree Experts was very good at communicating with him. The team ensured that all the tree trimming procedures offered maximum benefits.

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“The team did come to check on my trees every 6 months,” said Josh North, “Whenever they came, I would get a picture of my trees. I was the one to determine whether I wanted the company to proceed with tree trimming. The team followed my instructions, not touching the trees I thought were in perfect shape and trimming the ones that seemed overgrown.”

According to the homeowner, the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Albuquerque always maintained a very affordable fee.

“This company has set the standard for trust so high,” said Josh North. “The company did not, at any point, take advantage of my absence. They never sent a bloated quotation carrying costs that were never necessary. They kept everything straight and to the point – they only charged me for the trees they worked on.”

After taking their time to look into Albuquerque Tree Experts, our team of reporters realized that the company has been in the tree service business for the past 25 years. They determined that the company has managed to maintain a large number of returning clients – according to our reporters’ estimation, more than 97% of the company’s clients always keep going back for more services.

During an interview with one of our reporters, the company’s CEO had the following to say, “Trust is the first thing that brings you closer to your customers. For example, in the case of Josh North, the homeowner had to trust us before he could agree to let us handle his trees while he was away.”

The CEO noted that Albuquerque Tree Experts establishes trust by delivering maximum benefits with tree maintenance procedures. Also, taking advantage of its years of experience, the company identifies risks surrounding projects and comes up with effective mitigation strategies – this ensures that homeowners do not suffer any property damage.

“Before leaving Albuquerque for Los Angeles,” said Josh North, “I had used the company’s Albuquerque tree removal team. I liked the way they removed two trees that were standing between my house and powerline without causing any damage. The team arrived on my landscape with a crane, power cutting tools, a bucket truck, and ropes. Using the bucket truck, the team pruned the trees to reduce their width – this allowed the trees to fall without touching the utilities on either side. They followed the tree removal procedure with the cleanup. When I hired the company for the ongoing tree trimming procedures, I knew they would keep my home safe and also clean up after every procedure – I knew I would not come home to a messy home or damaged property.”

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