Albuquerque Tree Experts Turns White Oak into Firewood After a Successful Tree Removal

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Yesterday, Albuquerque Tree Experts helped Johnson Morris remove a dead white oak. While the homeowner was expecting the company to just cut down his tree and leave, Johnson Morris was surprised when the Albuquerque tree removal team split his tree, producing firewood enough to cover his winter heating needs.

“The team overheard the kids talking about the wood-fired heater that keeps the house warm in the winter,” Johnson Morris told reporters. “They decided to go ahead and create a nice surprise for the entire family. When the team was removing the white oak, no one was at home – the kids were in school while, as you would expect, the adults were at work. When the family came home, there was a well-arranged firewood pile next to the heater.”

Albuquerque Tree Experts

“When the kids checked the place where the white oak had stood earlier in the day, there was nothing to see,” added Johnson, “The company had removed the tree stump together with the roots, filled the hole with soil and leveled the ground. They had also collected all the waste generated by the entire project.”

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A group of reporters contacted the Albuquerque Tree Experts CEO to understand whether the company converts trees into firewood after every tree removal procedure. The CEO was more than happy to describe how his company operates.

“It all depends with the customer’s needs,” the Albuquerque Tree Experts CEO told the reporters. “While a homeowner like Johnson Morris may need firewood, someone else may not have a wood-fired heater. However, he or she may plan to convert the removed tree into fencing logs or timber. The company's team of tree cutting professionals in Albuquerque always listens to the customer’s needs before taking action. Listening has always helped Albuquerque Tree Experts deliver the desired results.”

Albuquerque Tree Experts reportedly owns modern tree service tools. According to its chief of field operations, these tools allow the company’s team to handle all procedures surrounding tree removals.

“Tree removal is generally more than just cutting the tree at the base,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “As soon as you succeed at bringing the tree down, the next vital step will involve removing the tree stump. In the case of the most recent project, Johnson Morris had noted that he intended to replace the dead tree with another white oak. To prepare the area for planting, the team had to remove the tree stump together with its roots.”

“If the homeowner only wanted to improve safety,” added the chief of field operations, “the tree removal team would have ground the stump to keep it from turning into a tripping hazard.”

The chief of field operations noted that the company always ensures that the tree is converted into the end product a customer is interested in. If the customer just wants to get rid of the tree, the company splits the tree into portable chips, puts the chips together with the roots, branches, leaves, and sawdust in the truck and takes this waste to the dumpsite.

“The team that handles tree removal on behalf of Albuquerque Tree Experts delivers maximum benefits with each project,” said the Albuquerque Tree Experts CEO. “For example, with Johnson Morris’ project, the team improved safety, turned the useless dead tree into winter fuel, and prepared the landscape for a new tree.”

“Albuquerque Tree Experts is the most affordable company,” Johnson Morris told reporters when expounding further on his experience with the company. “For all the benefits that the company delivered, the price on the quotation was much lower than the estimates other companies have been sending over the past one month.”

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