Air Check Mechanical Service Helps Community Address AC Problems

Houston, Texas based Air Check Mechanical Service is reaching out to the wider community to share their blog post about AC problems in the summer. The company is dedicated to offering reliable HVAC services to the residents of Houston and the surrounding areas.

Donald Compton of Air Check Mechanical Service says, “Everybody knows how important it is to have a fully functional air conditioning system. In Texas in the summer, it is absolutely critical. These days, with people being forced to stay inside their homes due COVID-19, it is obvious that they are going to be relying on their AC units to keep cool and comfortable while they wait for summer to come to an end. This is why you need to be aware of the common AC problems you might have to deal with during this period.”

Air Check Mechanical Service’s blog post is meant to be a quick and concise look into the common problems that can occur with an AC unit. It can give homeowners an idea of what exactly is wrong with their unit.

The first of these problems is a leaky duct. According to the company, the ductwork located in the interior of air conditioning units play a crucial role in carrying cold air and distributing it throughout an indoor space. If the ductwork is faulty or if there are holes in it, then it is actually losing cool air. As a result, air conditioners will have to work harder to produce the necessary amount of cool air needed to maintain the right temperature levels, which leaves it less efficient in the process.

Coolant leaks can also be a problem. The blog post says that if the refrigerant is leaking in an air conditioner, then it cannot be expected to do its job of cooling an indoor space effectively. The leaked coolant can also cause significant damage to the components inside the unit. In these cases, the leak will have to be plugged (or the refrigerant replaced) as soon as possible to ensure the long term health of the unit.

Another problem that the blog post looks into is damaged fans. AC systems are often equipped with two fans. One of the fans is designed to cool the evaporator coil through the indoor air that it blows over, and the other is designed to get rid of the hot air inside the home by blowing it over the exterior condenser. These fans can malfunction due to a number of reasons, including motor problems, build-up of dirt and debris, worn fan belts and more and can destroy the unit longer term.

Air Check Mechanical Service also points at dirty and clogged filters as another cause of problems. Every time an AC is turned on, its filters gather more dust, debris and other particulates. When an AC unit is kept on over long periods, AC filters will get clogged faster and reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning. Some filters can simply be removed and cleaned while others will need to be completely replaced.

Blocked drains can also cause issues, given that air conditioners create condensation as they operate. While this is not normally a cause for concern, it can become a problem if the condensation drain gets clogged. If this happens, the air conditioning unit will face problems. For instance, it can leak. If allowed to stay clogged, it will cause water to back up as well as lead to mold growth, strange smells and more. Over time, this can also damage the walls.

Compton says, “Most instances of AC malfunction are due to improper installation or irregular maintenance. This is why it cannot be emphasized enough that you should hire a credible and experienced HVAC contractor to install your HVAC system. In addition, your unit should be seen by a licensed HVAC technician at least once a year for that much-needed check-up and maintenance. In Houston, you can always rely on Air Check Mechanical Service to provide that for you.”

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