AIMM Highlights Music and Technology Associate Degree with a Concentration in Bass Guitar

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media invites applications for its Music and Technology Degree with a Concentration in Bass. The Atlanta music school is well-known among music students for its fully immersive, nonstop music atmosphere. Its Music and Technology Degree aims to provide the modern musician with technical skills to thrive in today’s competitive music industry. In the associate degree program, students get an opportunity to hone their skill on an instrument of choice and acquire an in-depth understanding of the writing, recording, mixing, and mastering process.

The music and media school is a pioneer in the music education industry for its array of courses, degrees, and programs aimed at pushing the musical and technical skills of students to the next level. AIMM prides itself on its specially designed courses that are comprehensive and provide rigorous training as part of the complete curriculum.

Bass Guitar Degree

The Music and Technology Associate Degree: Bass Concentration program is meant to provide technical training in bass guitar to help music enthusiasts enhance overall performance skills. As a proud AIMM graduate, students would love to flaunt an impressive portfolio of work and musical abilities that aims to help them find employment. The music school has a long list of alumni who have made AIMM proud by earning fame and recognition in the music industry. Many alumni have started music businesses, bringing fame for themselves as well as the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media.

With a diverse portfolio of skills learned at AIMM, graduates of the Bass Concentration program can easily get an edge over others in the industry, thanks to the technical training on instruments given at the best Duluth music institute.

Career opportunities for AIMM graduates are endless. Top students are automatically eligible for AVID Certification Exams to become Pro Tools Certified. All the technical training received at the music school in Atlanta makes students a prime candidate for record labels, video games, movies, television, radio, and multi-media production studios.

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is an AVID Training Partner, which enables it to offer students an opportunity to become AVID Pro Tools Certified over the course of the curriculum. Another feather on the cap of AIMM graduates is the confidence gained through the education and training at the music institute in Atlanta, which focuses on Ableton Live. The course is meant to bridge the divide between creative music production and live performance.

When students have access to both Pro Tools and Ableton Live, they get the advantage of acquiring skills in analog and digital music production, virtual instruments, microphone techniques, and effect plugins. The bass degree is meant for intermediate bassists to help them improve knowledge in music theory essentials. Students also get an opportunity to acquire keyboard skills for the digital audio workstation. The purpose behind the AIMM bass course is to help students learn valuable information covering recording and engineering.

“The more skills you can master and develop as a musician, the more appealing and prepared you will be for the music business.”

Intermediate bassists interested in the Music and Technology Associate Degree must show proficiency on the bass guitar to gain admission in the course. Students have the choice to complete the program in 18 months, 24 months, or 30 months. The music college requires students in the Bass Guitar Degree program to complete the requisite number of General Education Courses. More details about the course can be availed on the AIMM website.


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