Aimm Announces Full Time, Accelerated Online &Amp; Certificate Programs For Toronto Musicians

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM) has started an online certificate program for Toronto musicians, opening up an array of endless opportunities for graduates. The Duluth-based music college offers an Online Certificate in Music and Technology with a concentration in guitar or bass. Toronto musicians seeking a successful music career back home can acquire skills at AIMM to advance their musical aptitude in the area of interest and gain knowledge in recording and engineering to avail endless career opportunities. AIMM requires students to show proficiency on the instrument of choice.

The AIMM degree programs can be completed in 24 months with full attendance or 18 months in an accelerated time frame. Students can benefit from the fast-paced learning environment with cutting-edge audio and video technology and reach their full potential. Toronto students enrolled in the program can avail tools for rapid progress in order to become master of instruments of choice, according to the AIMM, adding “As a confident and intelligent musician, our students will be capable of handling more demanding and better-paying jobs in a competitive market. Combining what you learn with your personal styles, you'll build remarkable confidence and unlock your musical talents, creative potential, and technical skills.”

Toronto Music School

With an experienced, knowledgeable, and professional team of instructors, AIMM is one of the best Toronto Music Schools for its incredible music insight and valuable music production techniques to help Canadian students advance their careers. In order to help students have complete control over their learning experiences during the coronavirus times, the Duluth-based AIMM states, it has started online, on-campus, or hybrid programs for Canadian students in addition to work-study programs. Upon graduation, Toronto students can begin exploring job opportunities during the final quarter to work with the best in the industry. An AIMM placement specialist is in charge of helping graduates during the process, according to the top music institute in Duluth.

AIMM has helped its alumni find successful and sustainable music careers. Top alumni that the AIMM is highly proud of include Tosin Abasi - Animals as Leaders, Kesha Lee – Engineer, and KEYZBABY – Producer.

The music school adds that its instrument certificate courses offer vital lessons for Toronto musicians to elevate performance and understand the business of music.

According to the Duluth music school, students who have attended higher education courses outside of the United States must get their “education credentials evaluated and verified by a NACES member evaluator and sent directly to AIMM.” It is the responsibility of the student to bear any expenses on evaluation, states AIMM, adding “You may locate an evaluator at the NACES website.”

More information about online courses and on-campus programs can be accessed on AIMM’s website. The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media in Duluth, Georgia, is highly reputable for its music programs. Loved by present students and alumni, AIMM promises to open up a range of endless opportunities in music for national and foreign students.


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