Agriculture Technology Club Publishes the Latest Information About Tomato Farming

Farming blog site Agriculture Technology Club recently published a new update on tomato agriculture technology. “It’s an exciting time ahead to be in tomato agriculture,” says Rachel Ward, resident reviewer of the site.

Agricultural technology companies, according to Ward, are doing their utmost to provide better services while also attempting to develop more new products for tomato growers. She underlined that data collection has grown more precise thanks to sensors and satellites.

Platforms that use Artificial Intelligence are another piece of technology that tomato producers should reconsider. "Robotics isn't in the future," Ward claims, "it's in the present!"

Ward believes that transplanters are the quickest and easiest way to successfully plant tomatoes. Tomato transplanters, like other equipment, have also improved in reliability. "Growers should definitely invest in transplanters if they want to reduce operational costs,” Ward explains.

The tomato agricultural industry has been using technology for decades. For Ward, as time goes on, agtech just keeps getting better. "If tomato growers want to be successful in farming,” Ward says, “they need to adapt to the technology.”

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