Agricultural Technology ClubPublishes its Latest Review About Hemp Transplanters

October 29, 2021— Farming blog site Agriculture Technology Club recently published an article about hemp transplanters. "Industrial hemp is now a booming market, so we thought of reviewing the available hemp planters available today," says resident reviewer Rachel Ward.

Hemp transplanters, according to Ward, have gotten more sophisticated and are better designed to fulfill the needs of growers. "Agricultural technology businesses and manufacturers recognize hemp's various uses, benefits, and potential," Ward continues, "so they make sure their transplanters can also satisfy the demand."

In her review, Ward discusses the most recent developments in hemp transplanting technology, including transplanters adapted to plasticulture, no-till hemp farming, and other hemp growing modalities.

Ward advises growers who want to start growing hemp or expand their hemp farming to "not squander their time doing manual labor" and instead “invest in a transplanter for lower product expenses.”

"The hemp industry will only get bigger as the years go by, and transplanters are the only way for hemp growers to prosper," Ward concludes.

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