After Surviving an Overdose, Hyde Park Woman Turns Her Life Around with the Help of WhiteSands Alchohol and Drug Rehab

Tampa, FL - After barely surviving an overdose, Cayde finally realized she was at rock bottom. It was time to seek professional help for her drug addiction. She entered a drug detox program at WhiteSands Addiction Treatment Center in Plant City, FL which was followed up by inpatient and outpatient drug rehab.

“I came here after an overdose and got my life back. Coming here was the best decision I’ve ever made and would recommend to anyone,” said Cayde. Read her full review here.

With an opioid epidemic sweeping the nation, drug overdoses are at an all-time high. Cayde was lucky to survive as fatality rates are staggering. Fortunately, she got the effective treatment she needed for her opioid addiction.

WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab was named the number one addiction treatment center in Florida by Newsweek magazine in 2020. The center has helped over 10,000 individuals overcome substance abuse and go on to live happy fullfilling lives free from drugs and alcohol.

“It’s clear why WhiteSands was rated the number one treatment center in Florida by Newsweek, the therapy and staff helped me every step of the way,” said Cayde.

WhiteSands manages to achieve their high rates of success by constantly striving for the best for their patients in all aspects of addiction care from the initial phone call to medical detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, aftercare, and beyond.

In a statement WhiteSands Chief Operating Officer, Joe Ducey, said, “WhiteSands was built with the goal to elevate the standards of care in addiction treatment, to ensure that we are giving patients the best chance at sustaining long-term sobriety and doing so in a safe and comfortable environment.”

WhiteSands in Tampa is elevating the standard of care in addiction treatment by focusing its efforts on quality of care and the comfort of their patients. The center abides by the philosophy that a comfortable guest makes for a successful patient. Each guest resides in their own private room with bathroom where they also have access to their cell phones and laptops at the end of the day. The residential treatment center is situated on a beautiful 10-acre campus and features a swimming pool, multiple outdoor lounge spaces and a brand new state of the art recreation center and athletic complex.

WhiteSands addiction treatment programs are totally individualized and tailored to meet each person’s unique needs. The rehab center maintains a low patient to therapist ratio, and patients work with their primary therapist in multiple one on one sessions each week allowing them plenty of time to work on the deeper issues that led them down the path of addiction.

WhiteSands employs full time board certified addictionologists and psychiatrists and maintains 7 to 8 medical doctors onsite 7 days per week. They provide specialized dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders which helps them treat the root causes of addiction. Every patient who enters WhiteSands receives a full psychiatric assessment within the first 48 hours to determine if a mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, or PTSD is present and whether it may be a contributing factor in their addiction.

Once a patient attains sobriety, sustaining it for life becomes the next big goal. WhiteSands operates a large network of 19 outpatient addiction treatment centers across Florida making ongoing support easily accessible for patients around the state. For Cayde, outpatient treatment was available right in her neighborhood of Hyde Park in Tampa. In outpatient treatment, patients continue to work with therapists in one on one and group settings and they’re able to connect with a strong sober support network in their community. Outpatient treatment is an important part of relapse prevention in the life of a recovering addict.

For patients like Cayde, high-quality effective addiction treatment is transformative. Without professional comprehensive treatment, drug and alcohol addiction will continue to worsen. However, it’s always possible to regain control of life with all-inclusive addiction treatment and caring professionals dedicated to helping their patients achieve and maintain sobriety for life. Click here to read a previous PR about how WhiteSands helped more patients.


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