AERON Lifestyle Technology, Inc. Launches New Design of Flagship Product

Fairfield, Iowa— AERON Lifestyle Technology, Inc. unveils the redesign of its flagship product, a 12-volt scent diffuser for in-auto use.

AERON Co-Founder Jeffrey Smith invented the first scent diffuser product that plugged into a vehicle’s 12-volt outlet in 1996, which launched the company and set a new trend in the scent diffuser industry.

“The original Drive Time 12-volt car fragrancer was the first such device of its kind,” said company Co-Founder Monica Hadley who today is AERON’s Chief Financial Officer and head of the company’s House Brands team. “While still popular, we knew there was room for improvement. For starters, we wanted more airflow around the fragrance load to provide more fragrance diffusion.”

The 2021 version, the Power Fresh® 12-Volt Ergonomic Scent Diffuser, is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and features an open filigree design which allows more airflow around the scent load. Other updates include a threaded ergonomic grip for easy handling when loading and inserting into the 12-volt charger chamber, and a solid fragrance medium, dubbed “Scent Bar™.”

“It's even more functional than its predecessor, and enhances the points of sight, sound, smell and touch for the user experience,” Hadley said.

Power Fresh® is sold with four Scent Bar™ refills in two fragrances which were market-tested for driver appeal: a rich herbal scent, and a refreshing citrus combination. Scent Bars are solid and mess-free, and slowly release fragrance as the unit warms in the car’s 12-volt charger insert.

The scent throw of the device is designed for reach throughout the vehicle, and longevity is up to 30 days, depending upon usage.

Special features include a push-button power switch with an LED in-operation indicator light and a one-hour automatic shut off which protects the life of the scent load. The unit will shut off when the vehicle is not in use.

The Power Fresh® 12V Scent Diffuser is marketed under AERON Drive Time®, one of two brand lines owned by the Company. Belle Aroma® brand is a specialty line of scent diffusers for home, office, and cars for essential oil users. Both Drive Time and Belle Aroma products are also available for national retailers and wholesalers in custom and white label.

In addition to the Power Fresh® 12V Ergonomic Scent Diffuser for cars, AERON’s Drive Time® brand includes the Aromables® Vent Clip, Truck Puck® scent diffusers for outdoor enthusiasts, Power Fresh® throw-and-go scented resin air freshening pucks, and Fun Fresheners™ scented sachet cards.

Additional products being introduced this year include the patented Essential Breeze® tabletop diffuser for essential oils and the FlashScent® USB-powered aromatherapy diffuser. Scent Pendant™ ceramic charm essential oil diffuser was launched by the company in 2020.

AERON Lifestyle Technology, Inc. is headquartered in Fairfield, Iowa with operations in Mason City, Iowa, Pflugerville, Texas, Hong Kong, Guangdong and Shenzhen Provinces, China, and Mexico City.

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