Advantage Medical Professionals Discusses the Many Benefits That Go Along with Travel Nursing Jobs

Advantage Medical Professionals, a trusted Nurse staffing agency based in Metairie, LA, has helped many medical facilities work through periods where there were not enough nurses on staff to meet the needs of patients. It’s something this agency has been successfully doing for over 35-years. Much of this service’s ability to be able to provide thoughtful, custom-matched placement for its clients and clinicians come from the fact that they can attract a large number of registered nurses that have a broad spectrum of medical specialties. A company representative stated that they feel they can meet their clients' and clinicians' needs so often because they have made it so being a travel nurse offers many benefits to those that sign on with them. Many nurses make the switch to travel nurses due to the many benefits that the nurses that come to work for them will get. The company representative says, “Many of the RNs, LPNs, and LVNs that come to us looking for a change in their daily work routine are pleasantly surprised when they find out the many benefits that come from signing on to be a travel nurse with us. We have gone to great lengths to come up with both monetary and work-based incentives that make it very desirable for professional nurses to become a member of our team. This is all part of our philosophy that it truly is possible to create a win-win situation for our clients, clinicians, traveling nurses, and for our company.”

According to the company representative, them being an attractive traveling nurse service to work for all starts with the highly competitive pay that those that come to work for them get. Many nurses who are placed by them have told the company they feel that a good pay rate is more in line with how important the essential medical duties that they perform are. The service also provides health care, a $25,000 life insurance policy, and several ancillary insurances, even including pet insurance. This includes the travel nurses that they employ being able to take advantage of dental, vision, short and long-term disability, accident insurance, and critical illness plans along with being able to take out additional life insurance at favorable group rates.

Advantage Medical Professionals travel nurses also get travel compensation, paychecks that are conveniently directly deposited into their bank accounts, and are professionally covered by such insurances as malpractice, liability, and worker’s compensation. Each one of them will also be bonded and have the opportunity to apply for many of the available travel nursing jobs located across the United States. She added that many travel nurses that come to work for them are also surprised that the company will even assist them in working with such forms of government assistance as withholding the necessary Social Security taxes (FICA), Federal Unemployment taxes (FUTA), and State Unemployment taxes (SUTA). That way the nurses that they represent will get no surprises when it comes time to complete their tax returns. All of these benefits come together seamlessly thanks to the hard work and dedication of Advantage Medical Professionals customer service team, which expertly guides candidates throughout the entire experience. That’s why many of those that have gone to work for this service in its 35-years of existence compliment them for being a true staffing partner. The benefits that the nurses that work for them get and the other areas of nurse placement that Advantage Medical Professionals excels at are why they have earned the coveted Joint Commission Health Care Staffing Services Certification.

The company representative says that it's very easy for nursing professionals to inquire about how the company’s traveling nurse services can benefit them. All interested nurses have to fill out a simple, short application on this service’s website that asks what’s their nursing profession (or title), what type of nursing job they prefer with the service, and other nursing specialties that they have. A staff member of Advantage Medical Professionals will then get in touch with the inquiring nurse by phone or email and if the nurse is interested and qualified the process will pick up from there. She also mentioned that their service has a 92% acceptance rate, places nurses in 40 different states, and has an award-winning support team.


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