Advantage Garage Door Repairs Service Provider Expands Locations in Alberta, Canada

Advantage Garage Doors, based in Calgary, AB, Canada, has announced that they have expanded the locations they serve in Calgary and neighbouring areas. They have recently expanded to the cities of Airdrie, Canmore, and Chestermere. They are a family owned and operated business offering garage door repair and garage door installation services in Calgary and surrounding areas. Specifically, they offer services for garage door springs, garage door cables, garage door operators, and garage door maintenance.

They provide same day and emergency services to homes in Airdrie and its neighbouring areas. More about their services for Airdrie can be gleaned from These services include: garage door installation and garage door repair; garage door panel repair and replacement; garage door torsion spring replacement; garage door cable replacement and repair; garage door remotes and keypads; emergency repairs; garage door opener repair; garage door opener replacement; garage door hardware repair; garage door hardware replacement; garage door weatherstrip installation or replacement; garage door maintenance and more.

Company spokesperson and co-owner Laura Fine says, “Whether you need a garage door repair or installation, at Advantage Garage Doors, we have you covered! We provide professional garage door repair, as promptly and efficiently as possible. Whether a routine maintenance, an emergency repair, or the installation of a beautiful new door, our garage door technicians are up to the challenge and ready to make your garage door woes a thing of the past! Advantage Garage Doors is your Airdrie garage door repair go-to.”

Meanwhile, garage door springs are one of the key parts of a garage door but are often overlooked until a serious issue occurs. These springs have to be properly sized and installed in order to have a well-balanced overhead garage door. These garage door springs may be visible or they can be hidden inside the shaft. If they are visible, the homeowner can easily see if there is a broken spring. But if the springs are hidden, only a technician would be able to spot the break and replace the whole system with a more practical visible torsion spring system. Meanwhile, those who are in Canmore may want to check out the company’s website at

The garage door cables are designed to help the garage door torsion springs in carrying the weight of the garage door when it is opened or closed. These cables run from the bracket at the bottom of either side of the garage door and are attached to a notch on the cable drums, on the garage door shaft. A substantially tilted garage door may be due to damaged or broken garage door cables. Or the cables themselves could be rusted and/or frayed, or off the drums. It is a good idea to call on Advantage Garage Doors if such things are noticeable.

Another one of the vital components of the garage door is the garage door opener. This is quite obvious because a door opener is made of a wide range of parts and is quite complex. Naturally, it is not a good idea to try to fix it in the event that something seems to be wrong with it because the problem could get worse and lead to a more expensive repair or even necessitate a replacement. The garage door technicians at Advantage Garage Doors are trained and experienced on how to detect any issues with a garage opener and provide the necessary repair. In some situations, the technician may find that it is more practical and less expensive to replace the opener.

And finally, Advantage Garage Doors can offer garage door maintenance. Since a lot of things can go wrong with a garage door, regular maintenance can ensure that it will continue to be functioning properly. They want to emphasize the value of preventative maintenance to maximize its lifespan and keep it working properly.

Those who are interested in garage door repair or installation in Calgary and neighbouring areas may want to check out the website of Advantage Garage Doors or contact them on the phone or through email. Those who are in Chestermere can go to their website at


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