Advanced Website Strategies Boosts Website Maintenance Program

With more businesses going online due to the 'new normal,' Advanced Website Strategies is also boosting its website maintenance program to keep up with the growing demands.

The Best Digital Marketing Company in Hilton Head Island, SC says that high website traffic can be expected by businesses nowadays due to the pandemic. With this, a reliable website maintenance program is needed by SC businesses more than ever. High web traffic is also prone to hacking and website crashes.

To avoid facing this dilemma, Advanced Website Strategies offers website maintenance for all types of business. Keeping everything on the website safe is one of the areas of expertise by Advanced Website Strategies. "We keep the content and forms all functional. We make sure your links are not broken and all in place. We want to keep your photos showing correctly on every page," the website maintenance expert says.

Instead of losing time and having concerns with spammers or hackers, businesses can focus their energy on growing their business. The digital marketing expert ensures that business remains online and can connect with their respective clients.

Under its Website Maintenance in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC, Advanced Website Strategies updates clients' page requests and makes sure linking is correct. They also input photos or videos into the website and ensure it is correctly placed and in line with HTML coding. To provide site functionality, they also test and check opt-in forms and other web assets. The website maintenance team also backs up the website content regularly to ensure that all information is stored safely.

The team of experts of Advanced Website Strategies also checks the full site for errors and broken links. The company runs link checking software to crawl the complete site to look for broken links that disrupt both users and search engine bots. They use advanced software to identify internal errors.

Moreover, Advanced Website Strategies ensure reviewing the website for comments and spam attached to the website. "We clean it for efficient performance," they add. They also ensure site speed and update software regularly.

Advanced Website Strategies also do web hosting. "The website is hosted with us on our servers unless you have your own setup and would like to keep it there or have a pre-paid plan that does not need to be interrupted," they further explained.

Meanwhile, aside from website maintenance, Advanced Website Strategies is also a topnotch company in Website Design and Development. They likewise offer Online Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, and Media Marketing through video, podcasting, and webinars.

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