Advanced Skin Fitness Thread Lift Procedure Featured on The Doctors TV Show

In the ongoing fight against aging, Advanced Skin Fitness in Dallas has introduced a new cosmetic procedure to the area. PDO Thread Lift is a treatment that uses recently FDA approved suture threads as a way to perform a non-surgical face lift.

According to Advanced Skin Fitness, the treatment involves using hypodermic needles to insert the suture threads into the skin. The threads then dissolve over time leaving in their place a lattice of collagen which is naturally produced as a response by the body. The threads have microscopic barbs that pull tissue up with the thread affecting a lift of the area. Advanced Skin Fitness reports that the benefits from procedure lasts about a year on average for most patients.

Thread Lift as Alternative to Filler

Daniel James, a representative from Advanced Skin Fitness says, “PDO Thread Lift really fills a need that we’ve seen for a long time. Basically, we see clients that want to try to get the effects of a face lift with facial fillers. But for most people, that doesn’t really work because fillers are really meant to produce a highly targeted effect on static lines and wrinkles caused by loss of volume. That’s not the same thin as lifting sagging areas.”

The new procedure recently caught the attention of The Doctors, a tv show that focuses on health and wellness as well as cosmetic procedures. The daytime talk show hosted by Dr. Ordon, a plastic surgeon featured Dina BenDavid, lead trainer from PDO Max, the manufacturer of the the sutures used by Advanced Skin Fitness to perform the procedure. Ben David discussed the reasons why patients might want to think about Thread Lift instead of relying on fillers. She also demonstrated the procedure on camera.

Advanced Skin Fitness published a transcript of introduction on their blog. The discussion addressed how and why patients who get large quantities of facial fillers in leu of face lifts tent to have a particular look that is unnatural and “chipmunk” in nature.

A recording of the show can be found at their website:

Advanced Skin Fitness was the first to introduce the use of PDO Max sutures for thread lift in Dallas and maintains close ties to PDO Max including employing one of their trainers as a provider for the procedure.

Advanced Skin Fitness has been a pioneer in new cutting edge treatments for anti-aging and aesthetics in Dallas since 2004. The aesthetic clinic is a training facilitator for Allergan, the company that created CoolSculpting and CoolTone. CoolSculpting is a fat reduction procedure that uses a device which freezes fat cells. CoolTone is a device that creates targeted rapid contractions in muscles to affect tone.

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