Adult Diapers 365 Redesigns Website

Adult Diapers 365, a company based in Tucson, AZ, has announced that they have recently redesigned their website to help site visitors better navigate their online store. They are a company that supplies diapers for adults. They are a leading authorized supplier of all products for adult incontinence needs. They are an online supply store offering diapers for adults with tabs, bladder control pads, disposable bed pads, adult pull-ups, and more. They provide a free sample box so that customers can make sure what they are buying is the right fit.

Damian Enderle, founder of the company, says, “Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to assist each and every customer in finding the best incontinence product for their needs.”

They serve various customers. These include: seniors or the elderly; care homes; caregivers; assisted living facilities; and special needs group homes. They can also accommodate bulk orders. They use Smart Cart technology to receive orders and they will provide free 1 to 2 day shipping on all orders. They will ship the adult incontinence products to the actual address of the customer. They are able to do that because they have 25 warehouses and they will choose the one that is nearest to the customer’s address.

For customers who have some questions, they have friendly and knowledgeable staff always ready to respond to their queries. They can provide assistance to customers in choosing the appropriate product for their needs and guide them through the ordering process.

They carry a wide range of brands of adult diapers. These include: Attends, Cardinal Health, McKesson, Prevail, Tena, and Tranquility. Adult Diapers 365 wants to point out that people can trust that their incontinence product brands online will be a proper fit for their needs for both overnight and day time diapers for adults. Examples include the: McKesson Classic Pull Up Diapers Attends Care Pull Up Diapers; Tena Dry Comfort Protective Underwear; Cardinal Health Sure Care Plus Pull Up Diapers; and Tranquility Select Disposable Underwear.

Disposable adult pull up diapers are among the most popular of the incontinence underwear available. This is because they fit and feel just like regular underwear except that they have an absorbent core. They are available in various sizes: medium, large, XL, and XXL. Ensuring that the right size is used is vital in caring for a person with incontinence to make sure they are both comfortable and protected from any leaking urine.

Meanwhile, overnight pullups are specially designed as leak proof underwear for adults and to be able to hold more liquid to ensure that the sleep of the person wearing it is not disturbed because there is a need to change to a new one.

Aside from adult diapers, Adult Diapers 365 also offers other incontinence products. For instance, they also offer incontinence pads and bladder control liners for both men and women. They come in various categories: incontinence pads for women; incontinence pads for men; unisex incontinence pads; and booster pads.

They also offer disposable bed pads to prevent leakage onto a mattress associated with incontinence. This is important because the leaked urine can damage the bed and result in unsanitary conditions. Disposable bed pads are available in light, moderate, or heavy duty absorbent pad varieties. Also available are washable bed pads. These are absorbent, soft, and reusable mattress pads that can be washed and can be used for a long time. Hospital bed pads are also available and these are intended to protect beds, couches, and other furniture at home after a procedure.

Meanwhile, adult diapers with tabs are intended for men and are also called incontinence briefs. These have an extra-absorbent core to prevent urine leakage. Women diapers with tabs are also available. Adult diapers with tabs offer extra protection.

Adult Diapers 365 offers the best brands of incontinence products available in the US. To ensure this, they have partnered with some of the most reputable adult diaper companies that make such products.

Those who are interested in learning more about the adult incontinence products available through Adult Diapers 365 can check out their website at, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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