Adjustments Family Services Offers Professional Outpatient Services

Simi Valley, California -

Simi Valley, CA based Adjustments Family Services (AFS) is pleased to bring their comprehensive outpatient addiction services to communities in Southern California and Ventura County. Offering a full continuum of outpatient programs, intervention services and medication assisted therapy along with some of the nation’s top counselors, Adjustments Family Services cordially invites all interested parties to learn more for their own benefit or on behalf of a loved one.

Adjustments Family Services Simi Valley is committed to delivering premier drug and alcohol rehabilitation services that aim to help their patients retake their lives and take decisive steps towards finding their own happiness. The clinic utilizes the best treatment protocols, therapies, equipment, medication and even expertise in the field to accomplish this, and their team believes strongly in treating the individual on a holistic level — addressing the needs of the mind, body and spirit simultaneously.

A woman receives consolation from other clients at Adjustments Family Services outpatient addiction program

Each patient is unique, the clinic explains, and this means they all have certain needs that a blunt one-size-fits-all approach will not adequately address. As such, all staff are trained to recognize that no two cases are likely to be resolved in the same manner, and even patients with similar diagnoses may need quite different treatment protocols to successfully reach a lasting sobriety. Adjustments Family Services has geared their outpatient treatment programs to take this into account as well, and each aspect of their interwoven systems is designed to support a patient’s journey. Many, for instance, will need structure and a suitable program to move forward, but the application of each can be tailored to ensure they meet as few obstacles as possible in this endeavor. Learn more here: Outpatient Services Simi Valley.

The clinic has earned a great deal of goodwill from their community and former patients thanks to their work. Online reviews, for instance, are generally quite positive about the experience the clinic offers. Patty S. elaborates in their Google review, “Adjustment Family Services is the place to get good help in your recovery. This is my first time ever in recovery, and I believe because of the hard work of the councilors and case manager that I will be able to succeed. The counselors and case manager have a genuine concern for your well being, and they work hard to help you maintain it. They also check in on you after you complete the program because they really care.”

Duke M. similarly shares, “Thank God for AFS. This facility and the staff have saved my life. Bringing new direction and meaning into my day-to-day operations. Here, I achieved not only sobriety but a new hope. The schedule kept me busy, and the program has influenced a daily progression, helping me feel comfortable in my own skin. Since the day I arrived, I have been treated with a loving respect that I will pass on. I would, and will, suggest AFS to anyone who may be struggling with addiction, in any fashion.”

One reason that Adjustments Family Services is so adamant about treating every patient on an individual basis is the fact that many have additional issues that coincide with their addiction. Difficulty managing their mental health, for instance, can be a contributing factor that leads to their addiction. However, the reverse may also be true, with addiction causing mental health issues. As AFS acknowledges, either an addiction or a mental health problem can make life excessively difficult. Having both at the same time is known as a co-occurring disorder (or a dual diagnosis), and they can take a great deal more effort to overcome. AFS states that the best response here is for the individual in question to seek professional treatment, specifically from those who are experienced with such conditions.

Fortunately, Adjustments Family Services provides a number of services that are designed to help people in such circumstances. With integrated treatment to address co-occurring behavioral issues, vocational rehabilitation, comprehensive crisis intervention and much more, patients at AFS have the strongest chance of learning how to manage their addiction (and any other issues) effectively enough to live a productive and happy life once more.

AFS also encourages everyone in their community to get in touch if they or a loved one is in need of addiction intervention services. The clinic generally eschews surprising or ambushing the individual in trouble (as seen in popular media) and instead seeks to have a frank, willing discussion regarding their options. Adjustments Family Services operates a 24 hour hotline that anyone may use to confidentially request information on such resources (and others). All are welcome to get in touch at their convenience.


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