Adam Roe Painting Discusses The Importance Of Protective Coatings In Industrial Facilities

Adam Roe Painting, a residential, commercial, and industrial painting services company in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, is drawing attention to the importance of protecting industrial surfaces through the use of special coatings. Readers can find out more about the wide variety of industrial applications of protective coatings by heading over to the link:

Industrial coatings play a crucial role in protecting various substrates that make up the different equipment and infrastructure within a manufacturing environment. Concrete, steel, and wooden surfaces need to be protected against the acidic, corrosive, and flammable raw materials that are commonly used in various industrial processes. Any company that is planning on maintaining a high degree of safety on its premises and is counting on its facility to last for decades cannot skip over the basic requirement of making sure all of its sensitive surfaces are coated over regularly.

Industrial coatings help surfaces retain their resilience in the form of their reflectiveness, their hardness, and any other property that is the most indicative of its upkeep. Certain industrial coatings can prevent corrosion of surfaces, some give the inner surfaces of containers non-stick properties, some protect delicate parts from eroding factors such as impact damage or exposure to heat, while some coatings keep surfaces clean and easily washable. Coating a surface not only protects it from regular wear and tear but also makes the whole facility safer for the people who use it. For example, surfaces can be made non-slip to give employees a safe way to traverse around the machinery. Readers can find out more about the advantages of industrial coatings by heading over to

There are a lot of considerations that go into creating the ideal industrial coating as every industry will have its own requirements depending on the type of hazardous materials it is using and the kind of wear and tear that its machinery is subjected to. Regardless of the choice of coating material, once the ideal one has been identified, it is time to prepare the substrate. The surface has to be completely cleaned of all dust, chemicals, and other contaminants, or else it won’t be as effective in its task due to the presence of impurities. Effective cleaning will get rid of problems such as fish eyes, adhesion failure, blistering, alligatoring, bubbling, and more. The next step is applying a primer, a step that can make an incompatible surface ready for the coating of choice. Then, the type of coating application method has to be chosen which can be spray coating, powder coating, dip coating, brush coating, or roll-to-roll coating. The best way to determine the ideal application method is by consulting with an industrial coating professional with expertise in the target industry. The applied coating is then cured and dried and finally inspected for flaws and uneven thickness. Readers can find out more about the coating application process by heading over to the link:

Adam Roe Painting employs technicians that are experts in preparing and coating surfaces to ensure compliance with the strict guidelines of Federal, State, and OSHA general industry and construction regulations. They specialize in the use of the TNEMEC brand coating system, a fixture of the foodservice industry.

Adam Roe Painting recommends applying various epoxy coatings to concrete surfaces to give them a shiny and clean finish. It can also apply a waterproof protective coating and stain wooden surfaces and decks to make them last longer. For customers who are refreshing their exterior or interior surfaces, the company can strip away layers of paint or coatings without marring the original surface using chemical stripping. The company also applies rust reformers to remove existing rust and protect metallic surfaces from future deterioration. The company also offers the application of Albi Clad TF fireproofing, a water-based thin-film, intumescent coating that not only protects against fire but also maintains an aesthetic architectural finish.

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