ACP Painting LLC Urges Homeowners To Maintain Safety While Attempting DIY Residential Painting Jobs

ACP Painting LLC, a painting company serving the Southern Phoenix metro area, has urged homeowners in the area who are planning to attempt an interior or exterior paint job of their property to maintain all the proper house painting related safety precautions. The company offers free consultations to homeowners, as an alternative to consider, before attempting a potentially dangerous project with a lack of knowledge and skill.

Painting a house, interior, or exterior, requires proper equipment and expertise. Improper techniques of handling equipment like ladders and failure to follow precautions while handling paints can lead to injuries like slipping and falling, breathing in paint and veneer fumes in improperly ventilated workspaces, paint splashing in the eye due to improper eyewear, repetitive stress injuries and more. Falling is the second leading cause of home death according to a report by the National Safety Council on Top Causes of Unintentional Injury and Death in Homes and Communities. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2011 indicated 20 workplace deaths in the painting industry.

The company’s spokesperson, Russ Byers, says “I and my brother are veterans of the US Army as well as of the painting industry. We have been doing this for a long time. As soldiers, we were taught to be always prepared. Borrowing from those lessons on the battlefield and along with our extensive experience in this line of business, we have a contingency plan for every possible problem that can arrive on a job. You can be assured that the task is in good hands. We are taking on a risk that the homeowners are better off leaving in the hands of professionals. Though it may seem like a routine maintenance job, we know and have dealt with all the risks associated with our profession. Something as simple as climbing a ladder with a filled can of paint can turn deadly if you don’t handle them on a regular basis. We ask everyone considering a DIY job this summer to contact ACP Painting first and get an estimate on their task. It is better to be safe than sorry. We will give you the best price along with potentially saving you a fortune in hospital bills.”

ACP Painting LLC is a company founded by Rob and Russ Byers, brothers who are both U.S. Army veterans, in 2005. The company has been providing residential and commercial, interior and exterior, house painting services to the Southern Phoenix metro area for 15 years. They are also operational in Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, and Tempe. The company also offers other services like metal painting, cabinet painting, stucco work, and drywall work.

ACP Painting offers consultations on color, latest trends, and painting techniques in the industry to help homeowners achieve the mood and look that they want. The company offers a 4-year warranty that covers any issues that the homeowners may find after they leave the property. The company website has links to their social media on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram which are regularly updated with their latest work.

The company has an average review score of 4.9 out of 5 from 45 review scores on Google. They have a 5 out 5 review score on Facebook from 24 reviews. According to a glowing review on their website, “They were quick to respond to my questions, fair pricing, on time, worked hard, and cleaned up afterward. They did a remarkable job of painting my exterior home. I highly recommend them if you need your house painted,” according to a Felicia C. Another reviewer Sandy M said about ACP Painting, “Their prep work before even starting to paint is very impressive. Each day they let us know when they were leaving, and time they would arrive each morning. Once the project was finished, everything was put back and cleaned up.”

The company headquarters are located at 20987 N John Wayne Pkwy, Suite B-104 #320, Maricopa, AZ. Interested homeowners can reach out to ACP Painting LLC through a contact form on their website or speak to a representative directly by reaching them at +1 (480) 660-4957.


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