Acacia Dental Group Is Urging Those Who Need Tooth Crowns In Canberra To Consider CEREC

CEREC, a new revolutionary dental technology, is changing cosmetic dentistry and Acacia Dental Group is offering the benefits of the procedure to its patients in Canberra who need dental crowns.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the aesthetics of the teeth, including the color, position, shape, size, and alignment. CEREC is one of the most exciting new technologies in the field of cosmetic dentistry. CEREC uses computer-aided design to create crowns, fixed bridges, veneers, dental implants, and more. The difference with CEREC is not just in the method in which the aforementioned dental implants are created but also in the speed and convenience that the procedure offers.

CEREC dental crown technology

CEREC is a permanent, modern, and simple cosmetic solution that eliminates the need for temporary crowns. With CEREC there is no need for temporary restorations to be fitted while the patient waits for the real thing to be processed and manufactured in an offsite lab. The entire process can happen within the dentist’s office, dramatically decreasing procedure times and completely doing away with the long wait between initial consultation and permanent fittings. CEREC dental crowns are a perfect match for many patients for a wide variety of reasons including their look and feel that are almost indistinguishable from a natural tooth, their biocompatibility, the fact that the procedure preserves the remaining tooth and prevents breakage, their durability, and their resistance to stains.

The CEREC procedure at Acacia Dental Group is straightforward to understand and participate in. First, the clinic’s dental team will prep the tooth that has to be crowned. Then, the expert dental professionals at Acacia Dental Group will use the CEREC machine to create 3D digital images of the tooth. A digital 3D scan will also be taken of the entire area for maximum visibility and reference. This scan can be viewed on-screen by the dentist, as well as the patient, enabling them to explain the treatment in greater detail and with visual assistance. Next, using the 3D scan, Acacia Dental Group designs the ceramic restoration, which will be highly accurate thanks to the CEREC dental crown technology. Instead of waiting a week for the material to come to and from a laboratory, the patient’s durable and natural-looking crown is created right there on-site, inside Acacia Dental Group’s Canberra dental practice. The custom-made restoration will then be polished and fitted into place. The process generally only takes about an hour and it all takes place in one appointment.

A spokesperson for the clinic talks about the benefits of CEREC for those who need tooth crowns by saying, “If you ask anyone who has been through the process of getting a dental crown, they will undoubtedly tell you that the biggest inconvenience for them during the whole procedure was going about their routine schedule as they waited for the finished crowns. One reason is that the temporary crowns look significantly worse, aesthetically. While dental crowns offer an excellent solution for protecting and restoring damaged teeth, the process can also take several weeks at best, while temporary and often poorly-fitted crowns are used as an intermediary. Fortunately, with the advancement of CEREC technology, people don’t have to wait nearly as long to complete their new smiles. One of the biggest benefits of CEREC is that the technology creates dental crowns within a few hours and patients can get their dental crowns in a single visit. They don’t have to wait for weeks to get their final teeth. This technology, therefore, allows for quick, efficient, and durable restorations. Consequently, CEREC is the preferred permanent solution that we recommend to every patient that comes to Acacia Dental Group needing a dental crown.”

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