Acacia Dental Group Is Offering Emergency Dentistry Services In Canberra

Canberra dentist Acacia Dental Group is urging residents in the city to schedule a routine checkup to preemptively detect potential dental problems.

Conventional wisdom states that to ensure that one’s teeth are in optimum health, it is necessary to schedule a dentist’s appointment once every 6 months. Whether it be because of a packed schedule or due to a lack of awareness, most people tend to avoid seeing their dentist on a regular basis. Most people that line up for the dentist’s office do so because they are in severe, in some cases debilitating, pain due to a dental emergency. Visiting the dentist is generally only reserved for situations when the pain becomes unbearable and impedes one’s ability to normally function at work or at home. This is counterintuitive as waiting until the pain becomes too much to endure, worsens the degree of the damage done to the teeth and gums, resulting in more painful and prolonged dental procedures, that not only take more time to complete and cause much more discomfort but also become more expensive for the patient.

Dental emergency Canberra

Acacia Dental Group is seeking to bring about a shift in this mindset by educating its clients on the importance of dental care and the important role that a dentist’s appointment plays in managing one’s dental health. A spokesperson for the Canberra dental clinic talks more about the need for scheduling regular appointments for dental checkups by saying, “We all know we should visit our dentist regularly, but sometimes our failure to have regular checkups can result in undetected oral problems such as decay and gum disease, which when exacerbated, can lead to dental emergencies. Regular dental checkups can help detect the early onset of decay and in doing so, prevent more severe problems from arising in the future. Early prevention can also reduce the risk of incurring more expensive dental bills later when more severe problems occur. Our modern dentistry in Woden is equipped with the personnel and scientific apparatuses to give our clients the most holistic dental treatment that alleviates not just the pain they are suffering from right now, but also gives them the option to fix their dental issues for the long term. So if you are in Canberra and you haven’t been to the dentist’s office in a while to have your teeth looked at, this is a great time to contact Acacia Dental Group to book an appointment.”

A dental emergency can constitute a lot of different problems and conditions. Patients who are experiencing a sudden swelling of their gums, cheek, or face that is spreading, patients who are complaining of severe pain that is affecting their sleep or concentration on daily tasks, patients who are dealing with uncontrollable bleeding from a tooth or the gums, or patients that have suffered trauma to the mouth knocking out or breaking one or more teeth, should immediately contact the dentist’s office and clearly communicate that they have an emergency. In case a patient is having difficulty breathing, is losing consciousness, or is having rapid and serious bleeding, it is recommended to directly go to A&E (Accident & Emergency).

Acacia Dental Group makes the process of booking an emergency appointment as straightforward as possible. Patients follow the same procedure as booking a regular appointment and the clinic will prioritize their case if they mention they are facing an emergency. The clinic’s medical professionals will ask questions to understand the patient’s immediate problem, glean their medical history, and get a sense of their oral health. The professionals will then pay special attention to ensure they tackle the pain that the patient is going through first and then plan for a treatment that will suit their needs. The clinic offers a free initial consultation and only charges the patient for the treatment itself. Patients can pay using a number of convenient options such as payment plans through HUMM, GEM Visa, and MacCredit, clinic discounts, Child Dental Benefits Schedule, and health funds such as Medibank Private, HCF, and CBHS.

The dental clinic can be contacted at the phone number (02) 6281 2222 or at the email address


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