Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center Creates New Women's Trauma Therapy Group

Chicago-based Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center has expanded its services by adding a women's trauma group to provide a safe and supportive place for healing.

The center recently released a new blog post explaining that many women seeking help for substance use disorders have addictions that developed as a way to cope with, and block out, trauma from domestic violence. As they struggled to work through these issues in Above and Beyond’s trauma program, it became apparent their unique situations made it hard to be open and vulnerable in a co-ed environment. The women’s trauma group was formed to give them a safe space to share the different-yet-similar experiences that brought them to use substances to ease their pain.

Surviving Domestic Abuse Hotline

This therapy group specifically looks to help those suffering from physical abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, fear from stalking, manipulation, and intimidation. The post points out that the newly formed group, which usually has 15-20 attendees, meets on Wednesdays for one or two hours. It’s a group that is open to anyone but currently is made up of mostly Hispanic and Black domestic abuse sufferers. The core goal of the group is to help those suffering from abuse at the hands of intimate partners and others break the cycle of domestic violence.

Domestic violence survivors share many similarities and some differences, but substance use was found to co-occur during 40-60% of intimate partner violence. Physical violence was 11 times more likely in both parties, according to the American Society of Addiction Medication.

Many domestic abuse sufferers need to be made aware that they are not alone in their struggles and there is help available. Above and Beyond does its best to help domestic abuse sufferers and people struggling with addiction get the services they need regardless of their current financial situation.

The new therapy group adds to the already substantial list of important rehabilitation services the center offers to help people struggling with addiction and other physical and mental health issues. Among these are sober support, music therapy, yoga therapy, acupuncture therapy, rage reduction, ABC 12-step programs, spirituality-focused sessions, and more.

Those who would like more information on how Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center can help them or a loved one are welcome to call (773) 940-2960.


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