ABC Environmental Contracting Services Will Offer Services To Prevent Frozen Pipes In the St. Louis Area This Season

As wintertime approaches, many home and business owners are unaware of the dangers that frozen pipes can bring to their buildings. When pipes freeze, they are liable to burst, which can lead to extensive water damage in the winter months. Water damage caused by burst pipes can create short term and long term damage to both fixtures like floors, walls, ceilings, appliances, and furniture as well as permanent damage to the structure of a building. That’s why it’s extremely important to prevent frozen pipes so a homeowner can protect their home from the destruction a pipe burst would cause. There are many measures a homeowner can take that can go a long way when it comes to preventing frozen pipes so they can last through the winter without having to worry about a disaster occurring. One big thing a homeowner can do when it comes to preventing frozen pipes is hiring the services of a professional restoration like the ones that are currently offered by ABC Environmental Contracting Services.

How ABC Environmental Contracting Services Prevents Frozen Pipes in a Building

Prevent Frozen Pipes

One of the most important things to remember when setting out to prevent frozen pipes is that preparation is key. By having a few things prepared before the winter months roll in, it can go a long way in protecting pipes from cold temperatures that could cause a pipe burst. ABC has developed a system for dealing with frozen pipes that they are ready to share with homeowners. ABC prioritize a process that can help homeowners better prepare for the wintertime so they can prevent frozen pipes and any subsequent pipe bursts.

They Take Note on What Pipes Are Vulnerable: One of the first things ABC does when they’re trying to prevent frozen pipes is to find out where pipes could be exposed to colder temperatures. If a building has outdoor pipes they can be especially susceptible to freezing and bursting if not properly protected. Areas of a building that are not heated properly, such as the attic or the basement, can also be susceptible to pipe freezes. Some other areas that might not get enough heat can include the garage, under the kitchen sink, or in bathroom cabinets. Both cold and hot water pipes need to be insulated in order to prevent freezing. A homeowner might want to consider relocating certain plumbing fixtures if they are in a particularly vulnerable area.

They Keep The Building Warm: In order to prevent frozen pipes and pipe bursts, a homeowner needs to make sure the inside of their home or business stays warm and regulated during the winter months. In order to best prevent freezing, ABC recommends making sure a building remains the same temperature morning and night by keeping an eye on the thermostat. This could result in a higher heat bill, but it will go a long way when it comes to protecting pipes and preventing costly water damage. If a homeowner ever leaves a building for an extended period of time during the winter, make sure the heat is still on high enough to keep the building at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit. A homeowner should never leave their building with the heat completely off during the winter.

They Go the Extra Mile to Protect The Pipes: Through the help of ABC, a homeowner can provide better protection and insulation for any exposed pipes by investing in pipe sleeves and heat tape to keep their pipes safe. A homeowner can even wrap exposed pipes in newspaper to help with insulation. If a building has exposed pipes, it’s a good idea to occasionally let water run through them even if no one is using them at the moment in order to prevent freezing. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to help hit the cold pipes stored there. And if there are pipes in the garage, a homeowner can keep them safe by keeping the doors closed. All of these little things can help make sure the pipes are receiving and keeping heat so a homeowner can be better prepared to prevent frozen pipes.

ABC Environmental Contracting Services Helps Prevent Frozen Pipes & Remediate Burst Pipes

The winter months can be an especially stressful time for home or business owners and the simple truth is that no amount of preparation can completely prevent frozen pipes. There’s always a chance that a water damage disaster could take place, costing a homeowner great financial and emotional stress. The good news is, there are people that can help. ABC Environmental Contracting Services has helped homes and businesses in the St. Louis area prevent frozen pipes for many years and they have the skills to clean up the damage if burst pipes should ever occur.

“The wintertime can be very risky for homeowners, especially if they’re not aware of how exposed their pipes could be,” says Dan Benton, owner of ABC Environmental Contracting Services. “ABC strives to help home and business owners be better prepared so they can avoid the costly measure of a water damage repair job.”

When it comes to protecting homes and businesses, one can never be too careful. Using these tips to prevent frozen pipes will help property owners face this winter with confidence. And if it does come to a situation where a building experiences a pipe burst, ABC Environmental Contracting Services can help through their water damage restoration services. No matter what disaster comes someone’s way, ABC Environmental Contracting Services will be here to help with professionalism and respect. Learn more about preventing frozen pipes by visiting calling (314) 668-1509.


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